Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Got Me Thinking

I'm late to the party of both of these. There are countless googles out there talking about each; pro and con.

Add the trifecta of Pup and I watching Oliver Stone's W last night and you can see that I have had a weekend full of head-scratching.

Yes yes yes - I've heard all the rantings about Bill Maher, Michael Moore, and, for that matter, Oliver Stone.

But these three movies sure have stuck in my brain for the past few days. I don't know if I am full of despair or full of shit but these have me thinking and I am damn glad for that. It's what keeps the pencil sharp. Especially when a few cards have fallen out of my deck.

Anyone see any of these movies? What is the consensus?

Funniest scene to me. In Religulous Bill Maher is having a sit and pick with Mohamed Junas Gaffar of the Taiban Mosque in Amsterdam. During the chat the the tune "Kashmir" (yes, Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir) starts ringing out of Mr. Gaffar's mobile phone. I thought I would pee myself I was laughing so hard.

Da da da - da da da - da da da - da da da



smArtee said...

I saw all of them and loved each..I love all Michael Moores and watch Bill regularly...they all get you thinking...It was funny when Bill was "smoking" with the guy...and it went on fire....the whole thing was interesting and funny..I saw Sicko a while ago...Mikes newest Capitalism..was also good but not my fav ...

Heff said...

OOOhhhhh. CAN'T STAND THE MICHAEL MOORE. He's anti-American in my book. I've despised him ever since the clip in Bowling For Columbine where he messed around with the elderly Charlton Heston, and basically blamed K-MART because some kids were shot with ammo that was bought at that store. The man is just WRONG.

Bill Maher ? I'll give him "funny" but that's about it. I've seen all but "Religulous", and I DO want to see it soon.

"W." WAS hilarious, I must admit.

R. Jacob said...

If I was to do a documentary on religion, I would have done Religulous. Thanks to your post today, I went to you tube and watched it. My thoughts exactly. Go all the way down to the end of my blog for my thoughts on religion.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

the only one of the three that i've seen is Sicko and i LOVED it. it made me want to become an ex-pat and move to the UK.

fyi, my love for Target and Wetzel's Pretzels has kept me local.

Blasé said...

Exposing the deception of our leaders or anything that is hypocritical in America is not being "anti-American". It's called:'Anti-Sheep'

Rent the movie- "U-Turn", by Oliver Stone. Just an entertaining movie/Good stuff...imho

Ms. Anthropy said...

Haven't seen them.

Heff said...

Blase - Exposing the deception of our leaders is NOT anti-American, but blaming a K-Mart for kids being shot with ammo sold from their store IS.

Deborah said...

But we're not talking about Bowling for Columbine.