Friday, May 7, 2010

Hot Men Friday

Scott McGillivray from Income Property
Nothing like a man with a toolbelt to get things going this Friday morning.

I'm hooked on this show as well. Pup wants me to write the show and get them to consider us. That's how badly he wants a man-den in our cave basement.

I said, "Pup, we don't need a rental suite though."

He said, "Can't we pretend"?

"I think they would want to put in a kitchen."

"Wouldn't you LOVE a second kitchen"?

"Why would I love that"?

blank stare

Pup's living room before me - lovely, but too many recliners!
Ha! Seriously - he would do ANYTHING to get that white marshmallow couch back together along with its four recliners. He misses that couch like a baby misses his momma.

I feel it would be dangerous to have toolbelted men running around the house. I get fantasies you know.


Deborah said...

Karen - if you visit here today, Scott is no Jeff, but I would put up with him if I had to. :)

smArtee said...

really ..Why another kitchen...Hahahah...I hardly want to use the one I have...and he is a cutie...I havent seen that show...must check it out..!

Karen said...

LOLOL... really, Deb.. you should just come on down here to the east coast and spend a few days with him... uh, I mean me :-)

The marshmallow couch would last about a month in our zoo and have to be thrown out. Does it also have one of those pull-out arm things with drink holders?

TWO KITCHENS???..twice the work...nah.

R. Jacob said...

Did I mention I have a tool belt?

Heff said...

Well, I've GOT to admit - if he needs a BELT to support his TOOL, he's probably something special....

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

as far as dude-spaces go, i've seen much worse. but i'm with you on those puffy sofas- i call them "the dog couch".

my do-it-yourself beauhunk is Curtis Stone:

:::hello bebe:::

Dutch donut girl said...

I think he has great teeth.

Two kitchens? Hmmm.. It could work.
Have a nice weekend!

J.J. said...

White furniture? Seriously???!

I would last about 2 minutes before spilling something that wouldn't come out of the fabric.

Tail-Kinker said...

What is it with guys and their puffy, leather, white furniture?

Did you know that Mosher-man also has a white leather, puffy compuater chair he affectionately calls "Marshmallow"?

It only is allowed upstairs when we have too many people over, or during DnD marathons.

Ms. Anthropy said...

Ah, yes... men in tool belts! I have that fantasy, myself.

Daisy said...

I love that show!!! And Scott isn't too bad on the eyes either.

Deborah said...

Men LOVE WHITE LEATHER! I'm telling you! Okay, I might be overstating just a bit.

Income Property is great isn't it?

Marla said...

White anything scares me.

Anonymous said...

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