Sunday, May 9, 2010


It is 28 degrees.

Said for no particular reason except this is why Minnesotans many times have that wild look. Why they drive like shit. Why they are passive-aggressive (oh for cryin' out loud ya'll know it's true). Why the entire state is bi-polar.

28 degrees. In March it was hitting the 60s on a regular basis.

Oh well, who gives a George-bomb anyway?

So no outdoor bbq as planned I'm guessing.

I may just be a little cranky. Okay . . . more than a little.

Had a final yesterday. Nearly made me throw up! Arg!

geez, I hate this photo
Okay - here's something that made me happy earlier in the week. My new clothesline. I begged and got one. One we can both live with. It pulls out (that's what they SAY they'll do - ha!) and folds up and goes up. Nice.

But - have you slept on sheets that have been dried in the sun? Heavenly people.

Drink for me today. I might.


Karen said...

OK! I'll never move to Minnesota!... but.. it's about 40 degrees in CT, not much better.

I'm thinking mojitos later with fresh crushed mint, care to join me?

Happy Mothers Day :-)

Blasé said...

I'll do whatever you need me to do, Mrs D.

I wish you a wonderful and fulfilling day on this Mother's Day. You deserve it...since you're my Girl and all.

Marnie said...

Now that post was so cranky I couldn't help but laugh!

It's so cold here where I live. The weather was very hot earlier on in the week, I don't know what happened. It's calling for snow in Montreal...glad I don't live there, yikes!

I hope you have a fantastic Mothers Day!

All the best,
Marnie xx

R. Jacob said...

Wisconsin had 6 inches of snow! Down here in sunny Florida it is 85 degrees. Time for some skinny dipping!

Heff said...

Hmmm. When you said "New Clothesline" I thought we were about to see the new Fashion Plate clothing ensemble for 2011....

Missy said...

You ... don't want to hear me complain about our weather in Florida.

Because I don't want to make you want to kill me.

Ms. Anthropy said...

Definitely not BBQing weather! Perhaps a little hot chocolate, with Kahlua? Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, in spite of the chilly weather.

Ca88andra said...

I love sleeping on clean sheets dried in the sun - heavenly!

Daisy said...

I love sheets dried in the sun! They smell so wonderful!!!

It was cold (and the wind was brutal) here in NJ yesterday as well. Not a good idea for any outdoor activities. It would have been a great indoor movie watching day sipping Irish coffee.

Marla said...

Sun dried sheets are absolutely, deliciously vintage yummy. Love them!