Thursday, May 6, 2010


At the Twins' game yesterday.

Vince is with us man. He's not out of control; you're out of control. Yeah - he's fine. Security isn't looking for him. We're in section 15. Right behind home plate. If you can't find that then go home.

Nothing hotter than a man with a bowl haircut wearing a camo fatigue-like jacket that has had a few too many BEERS MAN!

I hollered down to him, "Dude, John Denver called and wants his haircut back."

See how clever I am? What? That joke is as old as Jay Leno's latest White House appearance? Aaaah - I'll do better.


We swept the Tigers in this third game, a 5-4 victory. We have not lost a series yet. The new home stadium is working its magic.

The stadium is beautiful. It was a seriously cold-ass day though. We dressed in layers and brought along our Twins' blanket that Momma Betty made for Pup a few years back.

I had on a Cuddl Dud, a Denard Span t-shirt, a Twins hoodie, a Twins fleece pullover, and a pair of red leather gloves. And the blanket. I sat with the hood up most of the game. The temp hovered around 52! Brrrrrr! We've spent 28 years playing indoor baseball so NO ONE was bitching about the cold.

We have GREAT seats. Right behind home plate. We're sharing a season ticket with a bunch of other people so we get many more games in this awesome spot.

Our blankee - thanks Momma Betty!
There are warmers on the concourse if you're really freezing. There were COFFEE venders even! Aaaah it was a great baseball day. I wore more Twins gear today that I've ever worn to a game. I don't think I've EVER worn the fleece actually to a game. I was a Twins dork from head to toe.



Dutch donut girl said...

Aw, you were wrapped up like an Eskimo :D
Glad you guys had fun.

Karen said...

If the Dude with the JD haircut was the same drunk on beer talking about security and stuff....

..well, you're braver than me!

Yankees fever we have here.

Heff said...

Hmmm...That "blankee" LOOKS LIKE A "SNUGGIE" !

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

i am uncomfortably cold just looking at those pictures.

Daisy said...

I love baseball too. There is always a character or two at a baseball game.

Ms. Anthropy said...

Must admit, if I'm forced to watch, I prefer to do it in the comfort of my living room.

smArtee said...

I love baseball tooo.. and your seats looked awesome....BTW was that a snuggie..?

Blasé said...

You do indeed have great seats!

I'm glad you're having fun.

Deborah said...

DDG - We were bundled to be sure!

Karen - I seriously have social-tourettes. Someday I'll get in trouble.

Heff and smartee-pants - IT IS NOT A SNUGGIE! I left my snuggie at home. Ha! I won't lie, we have three of them. Hey! I live in MINNESOTA!

You're Lucky - It really does look way worse than it was.

Daisy - come to a game with me!

Ms A - you come too. We'll have a girl's day.

B-man - do you like baseball?

The Empress said...

I absolutely love baseball, too. I don't know what it is, but I just LOVE going to a game..maybe it's the sound of the crack of the bat? So mighty, you know??

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Marla said...

"Dude, John Denver called and wants his haircut back."