Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy People

Here I am!
Signed, sealed, delivered,
I'm yours!
~Stevie Wonder


Are y'all thinking about the past year? Thinking about what the coming year could mean? Changes yes?

I read an article a few minutes ago (and promptly Pinterested it -yeah, I said it!) about the things that happy people do differently. One of the things was be in the moment.

It sounds so simple. Aren't we all in that moment? I mean, I'm there aren't I? How could I not be in the moment? After the moments, after things are quiet and I'm left to my thoughts I realize many times that I was forward-thinking. "Oh! I never lit the candles!" "Oh! If I were a size or so smaller I could have worn that cute outfit!" "Oh! What is the next hilarious thing I want to say?"

Yesterday I watched my little tater-tot while his parents attended a memorial service for Bella's grandma. I know I could have gone - that great woman had been my mother-in-law for 23 years - but for some reason I did not feel right about it. There were a few logistic reasons I couldn't go, but nothing that I couldn't have figured out. But when Bella asked if I would watch baby KD while they attended the service, I jumped at the chance. Even though she said the other Granny could watch him if I wanted to attend the service.

I said, "No, please, I'll watch the sweet baby."

So KD and I hung out for four hours or so. And I practiced being in the moment. Because everything stops when you look at your first grandchild's face. Everything! It's fantastic. He and I talked about his Great-Grandmomma and how perfect it had been that he got to meet her and how she loved him and was happy for his parents. How blessed he is to have so many people love him.

He listened to every silly thing I said to him. He's a rapt participant right now. He fills me with tears and joy.

Bella said her dad wrote something that she read for him. He talked about the bond between mother and child. How he saw it when he and I had children and now he's seeing it with his own Bella. And how his momma had that bond with her children.

I will think about momma-Sylvia and how she loved her children and how she loved her grandchildren and how she loved her great-grandchildren. It's New Year's Eve and all things are there for us.


Anonymous said...

The first grandchild is the best... I suppose a grandparent shouldn't say that, but it's the gosh darn truth... Enjoy these days since we all know how fast they grow up and learn that we are not perfect. LOL Happy New Year. Enjoy every moment.

Ms. A said...

I see lots of personality in this precious little baby already! Grandchildren are awesome.

Happy New Year, Deborah!

T said...

I read this post on the way home from PA last night. Good point, Deborah. Be in the moment to be (remain) happy. This is very good.

As for the legacy of love being passed down, my NYE was spent similarly. I'll share very soon.

Happy New Year to you!

Deborah said...

Diane - They grow damn them! :)

Ms A - I'm thinking of you always woman.

tPretty - happy new year to you my lovely friend