Monday, December 23, 2013

Giving Those Loving Gestures

Getting the trees!

Little K (the Baby-Doll) is our beyond-blessing for the year. The year has been full of blessings and I sometimes can't believe how blessed we are. Then I think how we might just deserve our blessings. And why not?

I was at happy hour the other day and I was speaking to a friend. She mentioned something I had done for Pup when she was with us. It was something I did during dinner to make his experience better. Pup is a picky eater and sometimes I ignore his wants, sometimes I cater to his wants, and sometimes I help. I can't worry about him and what he will or won't eat all the time because his eating limits do make me insane, but I love him.

She said she would have wanted to get angry or smack him or get disgusted. I could tell that she thought my helping him in that moment was something she would never do. While she was telling me this I felt a flash of shame. Was what I had done a weakness on my part? Did it make Pup look weak? Was it less than perfect (something I apparently worry about all the time)?

It didn't hit me until days later that what I had done was a loving gesture. That's all. Just a simple, loving gesture. Done in the moment. Only because I love him. It was a good thing. Nothing for me to think twice about. 

Loving gestures. I want to give more of them. To those I love. Not worry how it makes me look. If loving someone and wanting to make something more comfortable in a moment is weak, then I'm wanting to be the weakest!

I see that today. I wish I had seen it then and always.

I will be watching for opportunities to give loving gestures. And why not? It takes nothing away from me and might make me happier.

Merry Christmas my hooches! Are you ready for your own loving gestures?


Karen said...

Well now you just gotta know I'm curious at what the gesture was that your friend had such an issue with, but was merely just a jesture of love. And heck yeah, I know it's none of my business :-)

Merry Christmas to you and yours - oh, what a gift that precious baby is - enjoy!

Ray Denzel said...

Being thoughtful is a wonderful thing 😏

T said...

What a BEAUTIFUL picture of the new mommy. She looks just like HER mommy.

Lovely wise woman. You've so much to offer with these life experiences.

Loving gestures--INDEED! Overflowing. Not just now, at Christmas, but all throughout the year. Make every day matter as if it was our sole chance to make a difference.

Merry Christmas to you too.

David Macaulay said...

Did you mash up his peas or something? Err anyway all for loving gestures which help amend for all the slapping ones lol

Stephen Andrew said...

Hey, who are you calling a hooch?! Haha :) maybe it means a different thing in your neighborhood than mine. Beautiful photo of you and your lovely baby. I think this is a great New Years resolution. Have a great weekend!

deb-oh-rah said...

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Teresa --- It's the little things we give each other that mean the most. Gotta remember that through 2014 and on.

Deborah said...

Karen - It wasn't so much what I did, but that I did it. She couldn't understand why I cared. Things always get me thinking!

Ray Ray - It is!

tPretty - Yes to this. I want to be less cranky always. Not only to Pup.

David - A good slap now and then isn't all bad. :)

Stephen - I think hooch means the same thing, but I love hooches! We're all a little hoochie yes?

deb - I'm with you!