Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Bit of Self-Indulgence

Because . . . because . . . well, because!

I'm trying really hard hooches. So hard to not be annoying. Y'all know that is nigh-on to impossible. In fact, it is absolutely impossible.

So, with that known, please enjoy the adorableness that is a newborn.

Pup and I got to watch Baby Boy-Doll last night while The Little Family went to a movie and dinner. I don't think the two of them had been out of the house except for appointments and Thanksgiving since the Tater-Tot's arrival.

We sat on the couch with him either holding him or sandwiching him between us on the couch. It was heavenly.

And he went through nearly all the outfits his momma packed, all the receiving blankets, and all the bottles. Burping, pooping, peeing, and just generally being adorable.

You can see a little bit how adorable his smiles are going to be when they come. I love this newborn stage.


Karen said...

Precious!! I miss babies! Hopefully there will be grandbabies in my future as well :-)

Ray Denzel said...

yep, you are in love!

T said...

What fun.

He's so adorably innocent and helpless lying there. If only all babies were loved this much.

Ms. A said...

They offer treatments for addictions, ya know. LOL! Girl, this is the absolute BEST ADDICTION THERE IS!!! Indulge!