Monday, December 31, 2012


This is not my creation, but it's so adorable!
We moved Momma Betty (Pup's momma) into an assisted living community recently and while all of this is new and scary for her we want to make certain that she gets the lay of the land. But, of course, all of us are idiots and no one went over any of the paperwork given to us from the facility.

There's a lot to learn.

First of all - you can't just show up in the cafe and expect breakfast. You have to plan for that - as the kitchen would. So we were to have signed up the day before; which we didn't.

No, this is not a restaurant. Ha! You get what they're serving. Three very sad faces in my group. This family eats out a lot! Which means I eat out a lot! There will be a period of adjustment here.

So, while we're wreaking havoc in our Pup-family way, I sit back to listen to some of the other Q-tips (my affectionate naming of the senior-set). There is a conversation going on at a table just off of my left a bit.

Older gentleman is saying to older lady:

How long have you been here?

She replies:

Oh, I think I've been here the longest of anyone. I've been here since 1997!

Older gentleman:

What? No you haven't! I've been here the longest! 

Older Lady:

I don't remember you. I'm certain I would have seen you around.

Older gentleman:

I got down here at 7:30! I was the first!

Older lady shaking her head and looking confused.

Another older gentleman chimes in:

Honey, he means today - how long have you been here today?

She exclaims:

Now why would you want to know that? Breakfast doesn't start until 8:30!

I was choking on my oatmeal.


Happy New Year everyone!


R. Jacob said...

I am so close...

T said...

LOL -- Love it.

Love "Q tips." I wanna borrow that one.

Don't you just love eavesdropping? It can be the best entertainment.

You must remember to "overhear" more often. Do share!

Hope the adjustments are seamless -- for all of you.

Ms. A said...

Hope she adjusts well to her new environment. It WILL be an adjustment.

Happy New Year, Deborah!

Karen said...


Happy, Healthy New Year to all, with love from This Old House - xo

Not So Simply Single said...

Love if! Happy New Year!

So. Cal. Gal said...

A change in environment can be difficult. A friendly face is important, so visit often. : )

We had people over for New Year's Day and a woman in her 60s was talking about various events over the years.

After a while, she commented, "It's sad that this group doesn't read the newspaper or keep up on world events." The oldest person there (besides her) was 22. One of them whispered to another, "Yeah, but we're not ancient."

David Macaulay said...

lol Deborah - old folks can be good value - three elderly women hard of hearing "Isn't it windy?" - "I thought it was Thursday." - "So am I, let's have a cup of tea."

Deborah said...

RJ - you and me both. I'm scared! ha!

tPretty - it's going pretty good for Momma Betty.

Ms A - happy new year to you!

Karen - sometimes they just look exactly like that! A Qtip. :)

Lisa - happy new year to you too! Are you still hopelessly happy and in love?

SCG - oh that is funny!

David - beats always saying, "what?" heh