Saturday, December 1, 2012

An Ass Like an Apple

I saw one tonight. At the gym. On a guy. An older guy.

Pup pointed him out to me saying, "I don't know how old that guy is, but look at his physique. We need him to be our trainer."

I said, "Let's follow him and you can do everything he does." Pup laughed. But he did press some metal for a few sets. About 100 pounds? I dragged him over to the free weight section as well. We did some arm dips together.

Pup mostly likes to sit on the machines and rest.

I shook hands with that cable and handle thingy that sits in the corner of our gym. Actually, there are two of them. Of course I forget the name. I'll get it and report back.

It has cables and weights and you can customize it for all the upper body muscles you want to make cry.

I think I might be crying tomorrow when I try to lift my arms over my head. That will make me happy!


deeps said...

guess there are no easy steps to fitter body...

T said...

Atta girl!

And GO PUP! At least he'll GO to the gym, make the effort. He shows up at least. Be thankful.

Wish I'd seen that "ass." There's something about seeing a fit, well-built older person -- woman or man -- that just makes me want to stand back and admire.

It speaks integrity. Respect.

Guess I'm weird that way.

Again, wish we lived closer!

Sara Louise said...

Just remember that the more you go, the easier it gets!