Sunday, December 30, 2012


I've had this one for as long as I can remember. It's a bit embarrassing. Proof that I am eternally 12 years-old. Yeah, I knew you would agree!

I have a love.

A love for . . .

Office supplies.

Yep, I can't resist new mechanical pencils, the perfect gel pen, and notebooks.


I have them tucked everywhere. In my handbag, in the kitchen, on my office desktop (well, duh!), in my bedroom, in my car, in The Big Room, in Pup's car, in the bathroom. Yes, even there. You just don't know when a random thought might appear and let's be clear here - if I don't write it down immediately, it's gone. GONE!
I know I've passed this particular obsession to at least one of my daughters. Along with my love of hair twirling. Hey! It's what mothers are for.

I don't think of my obsession as bad, I think of it as necessary.

I know they have some office supplies hidden in here somewhere.
What's your secret obsession?


R. Jacob said...

If I told you it wouldn't be a secret! Besides, there are many, way too many to list! lol

Anonymous said...

I like office supplies too... supplies for my printer. They surround me everywhere in my office and make me feel safe. LOL I know, but you just never know when you may need some of it, right? RIGHT???

Oh, and lipstick. GAH... have so many of them.

Ms. A said...

I know what you mean about writing it down, or it's gone! I've got notes everywhere!

T said...

A casual trip to Staples must be explosive for you.

(Wow -- your closets are so ORDERLY!)

SECRET obsession...???? Hmmmm.

There are obsessions, and there are secret obsesssions.

To name one of many -- belts. I can't stop buying belts. I hit the belt section every shopping trip.

So. Cal. Gal said...

OMG! You and I were separated at birth! I have enough yellow (legal) pads to last me several lifetimes. I also have my cell phone's Notepad full guessed it...notes to myself.

And your kitties are soooo adorable.

Anonymous said...

Paper. Any kind of paper. Pretty paper. Plain paper. Happy paper. Paper Tablets. Stationery. Greeting cards. Old paper. New paper. Antique paper. Yep, have a huge passion for paper (and would even say an obsession). Always looking for the perfect paper!

Sara Louise said...

Lists, I write loads and loads of lists. All written in the same black felt tip pen and then crossed off with a pink highlighter when finished.
But buying back to school supplies when I was a kid was always the best part of the year :)

Bonnie said...

Deb, I see your PDI tablet! I think I've finally used all of mine up!!


Deborah said...

RJ! - do tell some! We won't tell anyone.

Di - office supplies are the best. I'm wanting some right now. Heh

Ms A - sometimes I have a thought, go to get the paper to write it down, forget thought. Oy vey

tPretty - you just have no idea! I wander around like fool looking for spiffy things I have to have. So sad. Belts! Now that sounds like a good obsession.

SCG - thank you about the kitties! I try not to post too many photos of them cuz I think they're so cute. Not everyone shares our love of the kitties. You and I ARE separated at birth - in so many ways!

Anony - you got it!

Sara - ooooh! I like this! Crossing things off the list is the best! I love the pink idea. Fresh!

Bonnie - yes! I still carry my PDI leather pad folio! It's good.