Friday, December 28, 2012

Knee Deep in the Bootla

Well, not exactly. It's snowed a bit here and there, but not the pounding I'm desiring. It's winter! Let's get our snow on!

We have passed the shortest day which always makes me happy because now we're heading back to longer days of more light.

I do kinda cocoon in during these dark dark days. Very reflective. Maybe even a touch down. It's my nature. I'm mostly happy, but have never minded nurturing a down day here and there. It just feels right at times.

So I pad around in slippers and flannel, enjoying my SAD experience. If that makes no sense, well then welcome! You are beginning to get it!

All of that aside, let's enjoy a few shots of our Eve Eve.

Wow! Is that my house? I like it!
See the workout outfit hanging on the door at the top of the stairs? Yeah, it's been hanging there for more than a minute. Heh!
George is waiting for everyone to get here already. Don't they know he's waiting to hump them and jump on them? Bad dog.
The meatballs. I only ate one while making them. That might be the first time ever.
Load up the tray to set the table.
Simple, but so pretty.
We all have feet.
George might be pouting. He really has no idea that his life is perfect.
But the Squeekers get it.
I hope your days were merry and bright.

Smooches all my holiday hooches.


Ms. A said...

Everything looks SO NICE!

I survived it and I'm ready to move on. LOL!

Karen said...

It's a beautiful thing! You have done the modern look in your house beautifully too, by the way. Nice clean lines, fun colors and warm hues.

Karen said...

OH... and.. meatball recipe????...

R. Jacob said...

Love how all the colors and styles work together. Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your house! OH, and I like humping things that walk through the door too... but don't tell anyone, okay? LOL

T said...

Beautifully done, girl! Not surprisingly.

I want that meatball recipe too.

I'll beg if I must.

David Macaulay said...

I'd certainly get SAD living in northern climes I think - wish my house looked like that tho :)

So. Cal. Gal said...

LOVE the house! So pretty!!! When do I move in? : D

Sadly, I know a thing or two about SAD. It's 5:15 pm and almost dark. Grr! I hate this time of year for that, and the cold. I'm soooo glad my mom moved! lol!

And that kitty looks WAY too content. Me thinks the dog could learn a thing or two.

Sara Louise said...

Did George get anything for Christmas this year?