Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trips and Falls


I'm up in the loft. Packing for our trip to the Dominican Republic. I'm on the phone with my Shelley-Belly.

"Are you guys so excited? Have you ever been there before?" my SB asks.

"We haven't! I'm trying to figure out outfits for seven balmy evenings," I reply.

"Hey Shelley-Belly? I'm feeling a bit weird - I think I just pooped my pants," I say.

And so it begins.


I spend the rest of the afternoon with head shoved into a bucket so the other end can be safe. You get the picture.

I pass out on the sofa in The Big Room. I sleep so hard and long that I don't even hear George while he's begging to go outdoors. Poor Georgie.

Pup comes home.

"Do you think you'll be able to fly tomorrow?"

I shoot him a look. I don't think it was nice.

I can tell he thinks I'm being a puss. But later when I emerge from the bathroom I find him and all three pets staring at me from the steps to the loft.

"It's bad isn't it babe?" he asks.

I start crying.

Later Pup tells me, "I feel weird."

Pretty soon his head is shoved into a bucket.

Life is not good.

We miss our New Year's Day plane.

I fear we will miss the trip.

Pup has it, but not quite as badly as me. Doesn't it figure? Nothing vegetable-like EVER enters his body, yet his immune system is strong like bull. He is strong like bull.

By 1.2.13 he is feeling really good and I'm feeling kinda good. We decide to go on trip. Two days late and with adjustment fees (the bastards), but we go.


The travel day for me is bad. Our first full day in the Dominican is Friday. I am in a fog.

Then the fog lifts and we have a great time!
I stole the window seat from Pup just once.
Grounds of our resort. Of course I did not manage to get a shot of the ocean.
But here's some food just so you know it's me behind the phone. 
We played Bingo. Hey, we were drinking, what can I say? And I won.
They are very busy sniffing everything I brought home.
I got to wear all of the boob-baring dresses in my closet. I browned my skin and look Spanish according to one of the staff at our lovely resort. I got halfway through Anna Karenina (this is a feat let me say), I saw my ass on video (holy hannah), lay by the pool, got in the pool, floated in the pool.

I got to hang with my dear dear friend Allie McBeal (the best travel companion ever), shopped a little, ate a lot, drank some, and just breathed the balmy sea air with really bad hair.

Lovely lovely so lovely.

It was worth the bucket.


Karen said...

ooooh, HATE when that happens!!!!.... but glad you got away afterall.

NO pictures of the BEACH????

Ms. A said...

You're braver than I am, that's for sure. I would have been terrified of having an attack on the plane.

You mean to tell me you went to the beach and don't have one photo for evidence? ARE YOU CRAZY? Never mind, forget I said that.

T said...

Mercy, girl! Brave indeed.

Glad you survived and got away.
Makes you even more deserving of this escape from reality. And I'm imaginging this dark Spanish Sexual Goddess...yep, lovely.

Loved the pics, but wish you'd remembered the surf! What's up with that? LOL

I've missed your blog.

Sara Louise said...

So happy for you that you were still able to go!!!

So. Cal. Gal said...

I would be so scared of a relapse that I wouldn't leave the couch. I'm SO glad you had a good time but why didn't you stay there til Spring? I would have.

Deborah said...

I know - I'm a failure. I could have gotten at least one.

It was a fun trip though!

I wish I was back there. grump