Thursday, November 29, 2012


I quit my job at The Turnstyle. I have something new burbling for me and I am excited beyond belief. They say it isn't what you know, but who you know and I recently proved that it's a bit of both.

My Alli McBeal had recently gotten a sales job for a great company and we talked about a hole in their process that she thought I could fill. She encouraged me to write her boss a letter.

Which I did.

And he actually responded.

And asked me to lunch.

So I had a new assignment given to me by Ms. McBeal. Write a business plan (after several revisions and prodding from Alli McBeal it was perfection - yes it was!) for myself, revamp my resume, and sell myself like a sales pro.

Which I did.

And got hired as a consultant on a project to project basis.

I had to drink not one, but two Maker's Presbyterians after that meeting. I do believe I was walking on air for over a week. Wait - let me check my feet - yup - still not touching the floor. I see much shopping and outfit creation in my future.

These people have no idea what's in store for them. It's the best day of their lives as well.

I am manifesting success - was it effective? Whoooo ha!


The Turnstyle is a privately owned company and has about 14 locations around The Cities. I visited a different one from the one I used to work at yesterday and had a fun hour or so finding some lovely things. Groupons were burning holes in my pockets!

I had a couple of questions about the items I was considering purchasing and the Little Woman manning the register said, "Oh you'll have to talk to the manager about that."

I said, "I'd love to. Could you get her for me?"

Little Woman replied, "She's right over there."

I looked where she was pointing and said, "May I speak to her?"

Little Woman said, "Oh, you'll have to get her." She then shot me a look. Not a nice look come to think of it.

I said, "Would you get her for me please?"

Another look. A huge sigh. A stomping off to get manager.

I stood there waiting for the manager to come to the register, thinking to myself - why is the customer treated like this in a retail store?

I don't know why exactly, but I was shocked. I had a pile of stuff I wanted to get, I had a question. Was I seriously expected to chase down the manager, not knowing her name, carrying all my items with me, to interrupt her with my questions - rather than have her come to me at the register and deal with my quick questions on the spot?

The manager was very nice, answered my questions, and I went ahead with part of my purchases.

Little Woman was visibly annoyed with me. She rang up my stuff and I handed her my Groupon. Another look was shot in my direction. Another huge sigh.

I wanted to reach over the counter and ring the damn sale myself.

She completed my sale. My pile of stuff on the counter.

"Could I have a bag please," I asked?


I get retail burnout. I worked retail for 15 months and some of the customers were nightmares. I could very well have been her nightmare for the day. But I was so sad to be treated like that.

So - the point of this ramble is a question for y'all. When presented with stranger rudeness, how do you respond? Do you stand your ground? Acquiesce? Stay calm? Become a bitch?

I stood there looking at the Little Woman. I smiled at her. Thanked her. Picked up my (bagged) items and left the store. I'm certain she thought me a bitch nonetheless.

There is lots of shopping to do in the next couple of weeks. I will manifest pleasant.


R. Jacob said...

Ah yes, retail. I am forever joined at the hip with retail in one form or another. The possibilities of rudeness are endless. but so are the reasons for it. Cause and affect. You did well my killing her with kindness. At least the manager did her job.

I am very happy for you. And to think someone was looking out for you and pushed you to get it! Good job (no pun intended)!

Karen said...

CONGRATS on your new job!!! YAY!!!....

...and I would have handled it the same way you did, I think. Or if she caught me on a really bad day I might spew off some.

T said...

Deborah said: "I am manifesting success - was it effective? Whoooo ha!"

WHOOOOOHA indeed. So excited for you too.

As for the rude saleslady ... well, hats off. I tend to have a short fuse when treated rudely in those situations (not proud of it, just sayin') and she may have gotten a heapin helpin of MY hospitality in return.

Ya done good, girl.

Ms. A said...


How would I handle it? A lot depends on my mood, which is rarely patient. If you are being paid to provide a service to me and I find your service lacking, you just might hear what I think about it. I also appreciate good service and you'll hear about that, too! (and you're more likely to have my return business)

Marla said...

So happy you are happy!!!!

As for retail.....I am the general manager of a retail store. Need I say more?

Pray for me!

So. Cal. Gal said...

Congrats on the new job! And what's that saying? Oh yeah...the customer is ALWAYS right. : D

I had a very pleasant experience in a store recently. I couldn't find an item and the person I asked went above and beyond to find it for me. Then the person who rang up the sale was just as nice. It's sad to think that helpfulness and politeness should be so surprising. It should be the norm.

Sara Louise said...

I tend towards a mixture of standing my ground and becoming a bitch. It's rather effective.

Now for the important stuff... CONGRATS on your new gig! It sounds like an amazing opportunity! Good for you for going out there and getting it :)

David Macaulay said...

Tis great re the new job. What is it with customer service. There's a particular fast food restaurant near here that has never got my order right and when I complain they pout and stare. In your case this person probably had short person syndrome, though