Monday, April 30, 2012

Mexico 4.12

April 22

Flight wonderful! Pup developed horrible migraine so waiting for the room wasn't easy for him. Had a quick lunch, finally got the room, and Pup slept all afternoon and night.

I took a nap, unpacked, and read/slept all night.

  1. Playa is very international. We hear very little English.
  2. I am skinnier in Playa. ;) Who really knows if this true. I am a believer.
  3. The beach is topless. Pup is a happy man.
  4. I am very sorry I didn't remember a Spanish dictionary.
  5. Ears are still plugged from flight!
  6. I am loving how everyone does not worry about their bodies.

April 23
  1. My husband is not the only man to sneak a feel, a paddling, or a squeeze while applying sunscreen.
  2. Listening to the different languages all around me is quite soothing.
  3. I sleep really good in Mexico. Nine hours per night and naps during the day. It is heavenly.
  4. I have decided that Mojitos contain no sugar.
  5. I'd I get out of here the same size it will have been not only a fun week, but a miraculous week.

April 24

  1. I am never going to worry about my body ever ever again. The different bodies seen in the past couple of days is amazing. It's mind-bending in a way. Not to mention freeing. At home (at least for me) I'm so worried about body image and what others are thinking. Here, it's like, "who gives a rat's ass"? Gotta love that.
  2. American's are so arrogant, dumb, and stuck. We eat fast. We talk fast. We mostly speak one language. A lot of us are rednecks. The American smokers start smoking no matter where they are with no regard for their surroundings. Truly disgusting. Yes, I used to smoke. Are former smokers always critical of smokers? They are loud and smokey.
  3. Europeans take their time. I like that. They relax into their dinner. They talk to each other and enjoy the meal. Much smaller portions as well. Americans wolf their meals while downing all the free drinks they can swallow. Sigh! I am a bitch today.
  4. I could live here. I don't think Pup shares my enthusiasm. He likes it well enough. I'd love to have a tiny place to do family vacations. Wouldn't that be amazing?
  5. Loud people are even louder than me. 
  6. I'm darn quiet at times! I know - hard to believe. 
  7. I do a lot of poopin' in Mexico.
  8. Turned out to be way more than just poopin'. Just sayin'.

April 25

  1. We seriously sleep about 12 hours a day. This is awesome to me, a sometimes insomniac.
  2. We have decided to broach a family vacation with the kidlet's and their respective boys. To Mexico. Next year. My Pup is the best. His idea!
  3. Today, we decided to get crazy and sit in a different place around the pool. So adventurous. You should have seen our vacation representative when I mentioned I'd never been snorkeling. He said, "What is wrong with you"? Hehehe. I will never tell him.  How could I when I don't know?
  4. I've been awake since around 7 a.m. or so. It is 10:30. I could totally take a nap. I think I will.
  5. Observation: never wear a one piece bathing suit to Mexico. Peeing is very tricky. A wet suit is not fun to pull up over your butt.
  6. Chatted with the most charming man from Newcastle, England. I could listen to him all day. He wouldn't teach me any bad words. Shit.
  7. Pup's favorite phrase this trip is "o-blay e-may." You do your own translation.
  8. We decided we are going to fry in hell because we are mean bitches.
  9. I'm sure we have been made fun of as well. I mean, we're not a bag of tortilla chips.
  10. I love tortilla chips.
  11. We were chatting with a couple from Kentucky that won their trip. Now that's spiffy. They were appalled, yet couldn't stop talking about the bare breasts they were seeing. Sparked a conversation about the inappropriateness of breast-feeding in public. My hand is bloody from biting it. No arguments in Mexico please Deborah!
  12. I am no funnier here than I am at home. But I still look skinnier in spite of all the food I'm eating.
  13. Really good food. Every day, at lunch and dinner, there is a new and delicious veggie dish I can eat with a bit of rice. Pup gets his share of ice cream. He's a very happy man.

April 26

  1. 9-10 hours of sleep every night. I cannot get over this.
  2. I have a mysterious rash high on both cheeks. I suspect a sensitivity to whatever the linens are washed  with.
  3. We have not checked our email since Friday, April 20th. Wha???
  4. The ocean is amazing at night.
  5. Pup thinks I need to trip his fantastic every day. He thinks he's on vacation or something. :)
  6. Pup thinks I need to show my boobins. I think I will save these magnificent specimens for those who love me. Again, just sayin.
  7. We were craving some American snacks. Pup went to the drugstore and $25 later we had Doritos and Ruffles. You can take the ugly American away from home, but you can't remove all the ugly.
  8. We wear wristbands like we're part of an entourage. At least that's the story I've concocted in my head.
  9. I love Mexican people. They're so tiny! I'm 5'7", which is not that tall, and most of them come up to my armpit. They are sweet and tolerant.
  10. It's 10:45 a.m. and I am needing a nap.
  11. It's 12:45. No, I didn't sleep that whole time, but a bit of it.
  12. We are inexplicably homesick. Truth be told, Pup and I are homebodies. We like our family, our pets, our home around us. Vacation is fun, but home is lovely.
  13. But I can't lie; I sleep like nothing else here. I'd like to take that home with me.

April 27

  1. We are on our last day. It's gorgeous, warm, I'm sated and happy.
  2. I can't remember the last time I was so relaxed.
  3. Pup has read four books.
  4. I finished the Keith Richard's autobiography. Finally! Of course I am reading four books at the same time. I really am so weird.
  5. We broke down and bought one day of internet access.
  6. We are now on the beach, goofing on the internet like real American idiots.
  7. The couple I met from Newcastle does not even have an email address! No staying in touch with them! They were truly lovely people
  8. The couple from Kentucky never knows when I'm trying to ring their bells. Or they do and are too polite to call me on it.
  9. We leave at 7:00 tomorrow morning. I'm sad and glad at the same time.

April 28

  1. I am eating my goodbye-Mexico breakfast. It is still the most delicious bacon and coffee I've ever had. What is the secret?
  2. I shared my bacon with a skinny hotel cat. My cat at home is seriously spoiled.
  3. I am excited to be going home.
  4. Goodbye Mexico! I adore you so.


Anonymous said...

I laughed this entire post... You are a hoot. Oh, and my husband would not dig Mexico at all... he's a total American snob.

T said...

Great blog post. Lovin your distinct style of documentary and observations.

Memoirs of Mexico.

Apparently a fabulous trip and memory for you both.


Karen said...

Loved this!!.. Never been to Mexico, maybe I'll change that... although I'm not going topless, no way, no how. The husband would be in seventh heaven!

deb-oh-rah said...

Beautiful. No wonder you could sleep. Not a care, no worries. Don't have to be anywhere. Paradise.

silvergirl said...

looks like a great trip
i learned my lesson about body image while visiting the Greek isles
over there body image is not even a thing!!!

Ms. A said...

Girl, you are funny! Sooooooo, did you ever get topless?

So. Cal. Gal said...

2 things...don't drink the water and don't flash the boobs. Wait, scratch that last one. lol!

And haven't you or that English couple ever heard of snail mail?

9-10 hours of sleep? Wowza! I've been to Mexico many times but never to a resort to sleep overnight. Sounds nice. I'm glad you two had a great 2nd honeymoon!

Sara Louise said...

It sounds like it was a really fantastic vacation!
And now I want really good bacon and coffee :)