Monday, April 16, 2012

What's on My Blackberry?

It's another load of crap photos on my crush, my BlackBerry.

I had this discussion on Saturday while working with the young and adorable Sam at The Turnstyle.

She and I were talking about iPads and she was giving me tips, because believe me, when faced with newish technology I'm no slouch, but I am also smart enough to always ask a young un for information. They always know everything!

She was telling me how much her momma loves her iPad that she has to pry it out of her momma's grip when she falls asleep. Her momma falls asleep with her iPad! We were laughing pretty hard about that one. But I get it.

Her family is also entirely on the iPhone wagon, as is my Bella and The Big B. My Lorenzo and I are BlackBerry users and quite passionate about them. Pup is an andoid guy. Can I get an amen?

I was holding my little BlackBerry up to my face and cooing and stroking it with unbridled love. Sam was laughing her stylish arse off saying, "I've never known ANYONE who loves a BlackBerry"!

Welcome to my world little Sam!

I do love that thing. It's everything. Smooches my BlackBerry.

Plus is takes great shots! Ha!

Like this shot of my salmon from Friday night. Need I say more? It's salmon! Mmmmm!
I had bought these lilies for Easter and they just opened this past week. The house is filled with their lovely, intoxicating fragrance. It makes me swoony it smells so damn good!
BFF Reechie and I went to an entirely charming place and shared a small bowl of olives for an appetizer! OLIVES! I was in heaven.
My cocktail. I am so in love with bourbon right now. Hug me.
A shot from the game the other day. These are Australian Licorice. They make Twizzlers taste like nothing. These are awesome!
New shoes! Speaking of shoes, I went through all of my spring/summer shoes yesterday while watching BASEBALL and had a great time! Some were donated, some were set aside to consign, some were kissed and placed in the rack for wearing. Shoes!
Mmmmm! Got these too.
This shot just made me laugh my ass off. I was in the utility room doing laundry and felt something staring at me. There she was, the little DK.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh... these photos had me snickering. Love the shoes by the way! Wish I could still wear sexy heeled shoes by my feet say No No No.

Sarah said...

Those lillies are gorgeous! I am planning on treating myself to a boquet once a week to keep at work from the farmer's market because they last so long & smell so good!

Ms. A said...

I like the shoes. Wish I could still wear stuff like that.

silvergirl said...

shoe shopping. olives and a cocktail
3 of my favs

T said...

The shoes. I like both pairs!

You may THINK these are CRAP shots from your Blackberry, but your artist eye paints a different "picture." It's all in the angle and placement of the subject that defines CRAP shots from artistic keepsakes.

Love all your blog photos!

Sara Louise said...

Australian licorice... I'm intrigued...

David Macaulay said...

hey Deborah - yes I have a Crackberry and can understand the fixation, even though they are said to be passe. I panic if I am separated from it. You get addicted to the next bleep even if it's only junk mail

Kelly Brueggemann said...

"I've never known ANYONE who loves a BlackBerry!” – Sam. LOL! You’re not alone, Deborah! As I, too, love my blackberry like a baby and a best friend. Hehe! Anyway, my favorite photo is the last one. Your cat looks very confused yet very cute! :D

- Kelly Brueggemann

Kelly Brueggemann said...

Hi Deborah! I recently gave my niece a Blackberry for her birthday. She’s a freshman student from one of the most outstanding colleges in the States. According to her, she loves everything about Blackberry because it is so easy to use. Hers has the Blackberry OS 10 software, where you can rewind on selected portions of photos. She’s absolutely loving the new app because she’s getting great photos from it!

Kelly Brueggemann