Thursday, May 3, 2012

Too Much

This photo has nothing to do with anything. I just love Pam Grier.
I love . . .

. . . hoody sweatshirts - so ridiculous - I keep one in every room of the house to pull on because I vacillate from heat-from-within hot to brrrrrr chilly.

. . . my coffee from Mexico - where is it? Wah . . .

. . . salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays - don't even start with me about this, heh!

. . . how much fun I had at book club Tuesday night - met another new friend. She and I clicked and I can't wait to be at another book club night.

. . . that I am finally settling down from vacation. WTH is that about? It's taking almost longer than the damn vacation to get back to normal. Could it be I have no normal and that's the problem? hehehe

. . . toenails painted red - I am boring as hell about this one. I see all the green, blue, and gray toenails out there. Mine are red. They really make me happy.

. . . the Zelda Fitzgerald bio I'm reading. She should have lived in this time. Then her light wouldn't have been hidden under an insecure husband.

. . . being a bit tan. I have a hard time keeping my vitamin D levels good so I am supposed to get sun. It feels decadent and wrong. But my legs are looking good!

. . . being ogled. I know that's wrong. Yesterday a man at the Turnstyle nearly had his head down my shirt he was trying so hard to get a better view. He could nearly see my shoes from the top of my boobs. I so wanted to say, "Hey, you better watch out. Many men have fallen in there and were never seen again." but I figured that would be wrong as well. There are too many rules to follow people!

. . . twisting my hair - again, this is just wrong, but it gives me huge pleasure and helps me think. It does!

. . . the quote below - this describes me completely.

A couple of years ago my sister Judy and I were each given a box of truffles. The tiny print said two pieces contained 310 calories and there were six pieces in each box. We were sitting on the bus headed downtown, quietly doing our calculations: Judy was dividing by two and I was multiplying by three. When she realized what I was doing, a look came over her face that is hard to describe. "I lost all hope for you" she says now.
~Abigail Thomas, Thinking About Memoir


Anonymous said...

I had to Google Pam Grier and see who she was. :-))

T said...

I love hoodies too--all sizes and colors and weights. They are just the perfect piece of clothing.

I don't care for the "odd color" toenails either. I like mine rather boring, pink or red or the occasional edgy "Lincoln Park After Dark."

As for being ogled, isn't that preferable to being invisible? Women should be proud to be able to turn heads. No shame there IMO.

There's a thought: I wanna be in a book club. It would fill a lot of needs in my life.

I like your quote ... is that from a book you've read? Wanna give me some recommendations of your favorites from your club?

T said...

And Ruby Tuesdays.


Love it. Everything about it.

Heff said...

Ruby Tuesday's salad bars are MY favorite as well.

I'd LOVE to Google Pam Grier....but she probably wouldn't let me.

Ms. A said...

It's been decades since I've been able to do an odd color on my nails. They used to always match my outfit. Guess that shows how boring I am!

Not So Simply Single said...

Take some Vitamin D capsules to help keep the D level up. I was really low on D because I never got sun, being an esthetician and not promoting suntans. However, my bones ached and I needed to get sun. So I do now, get sun, just on my body, not my face.

As long as you put sunscreen of 45 or more on your face, get some sun.

I like red toes too!

Love your response to the man that ogled you. Being ogled is a good thing, right?

Have a great day!

So. Cal. Gal said...

I get more than my share of Vit D. I sit outside for a 1/2 hour in the morning (if I get up early enough) and in the afternoon. Of course, I live in So. Cal. so it's probably easier for me...especially in winter. : P