Friday, April 13, 2012

Hot Men Friday

Mark Wahlberg

Yeah, that's a good face.

I'd like to wake up looking into that face.
At least I think I would
I mean, look at it!
And that's a good body.
A really good body.
And in a white shirt? Swoon.
I mean, wouldn't you want to get his white shirt all dirty?
I think I'm in a mood.
It must be spring. :)
Note: Fashion Plate - Hungry for Style is not responsible for current springy mood. All content is . . . well . . . all content is subject to edit. And I say; edit yourself! Ha!


Not So Simply Single said...

Oh, heart be still... HE IS HOT! Whoa, trying to catch my breath...

silvergirl said...

hell to the yes!!!!

T said...


Hell of a nice body!

Is he workin that white shirt or WHAT?

Love your HMF's.


Ms. A said...

Not too bad I must say!

So. Cal. Gal said...

Enh. ; )

Marnie said...

He is so easy on the eyes :0)

Sarah said...

I have found that I swoon anytime a man shows off his forearms in a nice button-down shirt by pushing the sleeves up like that.