Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's All Because of Me

Not really, but I like to think so.

I went to a Twin's baseball game last night and they won their first game of the season. I just KNOW it's because I was there wearing all my finery.

My girlfriend, Lindy, and I had brought enough clothes to wear us OUT because we were so afraid of freezing our arses off, but we shouldn't have worried. We were sitting behind home plate at the top of the section right under the wonderful WARMING LIGHTS!
Yes, that's a shot of my chicken. Yes, I am completely insane. Yes, that's what the warming lights looked like on us.

Lindy even asked if I had changed my hair color. Under the lights my hair was a lovely shade of brassy.

But those lights were WARM! I was in heaven. Especially since I was worried about going to a game feeling the crappy way I do. But, again, it was HEAVENLY. And we won.

Baseball babies, baseball. All is good with the world when baseball returns.


Karen said...

LOL.. I like your enthusiasm!!...

Great pic, by the way, love the perspective.

T said...

I love baseball. Nothing like being at a live baseball game.

Growing up, I was a big Reds fan. We used to go to their games all the time.

My ex-boyfriend, until the last couple of years, was club house manager for Cleveland Indians. What a sweet job, IMO.

I suppose if I was "artful" enough I could arrange some very decent tickets for one of THEIR games. They play your Twins end of May, I believe?

Warming lights! Sweet.

Ms. A said...

You have enough enthusiasm for both of us, so mine won't be missed. Although that chicken is a whole other story! I CAN find enthusiasm for that!

Sara Louise said...

I want to go to a baseball game and eat ballpark food so bad! 100% Americana and I love it! :)