Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thrifting a Go-Go

Bella and I went thrifting last Saturday.
Basket of men anyone?
This was pretty cool actually. Someone made it from grocery bags. We could see the Cub Foods logo scattered throughout. I'd love a huge one for using at the grocery store. Do you guys all bring your own bags?

The Coffee Bean Lamp. WTH?? and GROSS!
Bella and I thought this was AWESOME, but we both decided we did not need a project. Wouldn't this chair be awesome to blog from though? Or lurk creepily read all the blogs in my reader?

Paint-by-Number Jesus

Deja Shoe?
This little adorable cutie was not for sale. Darn it! Click on the photo for her outfit details. Her cuter-than-cute jean jacket and pink top were so casually hip.

I couldn't stop looking at her!

At one point in the day we had set our cart aside for a minute while checking out some junk fascinating stuff and when we resumed our shopping I grabbed the wrong cart. When discovered, we had to dash around the store trying to find the person we swapped with because Bella's KEYS to her CAR were in the pocket of her jacket in the cart (we NEVER leave our handbags in the cart, of course).

We found it and had a good laugh, but I kept imagining someone cruising through the parking lot hitting the key fob over and over until they found her car.

Crisis averted.

Is there medication for what ails me? Ha!

Don't answer.


David L Macaulay said...

nice post Deborah - looks like the sort of place I can never get my wife out of once we're inside

Karen said...

I love junk hunting!...

That basket of men look like they have issues... no thanks.

Anonymous said...

Paint By Number Jesus? LOL


Shabbygal said...

That basket of men cracked me up! Sounds super fun! Traci

Heff said...

Hey, could you pick me up a copy of John Denver's Greatest Hits ?

Pretty sure that place probably had it in stock, lol.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

holy smokes- did you see the abs on that shirtless GI Joe? someone needs to cut back on the Muscle Milk.

Sarah said...

I've decided the white sock with dress shoe is SO stylish. Don't you agree? :P

Heather said...

That child is scarily close to breakables.
I think Saige would love thrifting. I really need to find a close to home place to go.

(I hope you got that paint by number Jesus!)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Would that I could have been with you. Look at all that stuff to rummage through.

And yes, that would make a fine blogging chair!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Love the wooden bench...and that little girl is too cute for words!

Sandra said...

Deb!!! Why haven't I been here sooner? Shame on me, slap my hand!
But I'm back, I'm done exams, I will be a good bloggy friend...till September anyway.
So paint-by-number Jesus may be worth a bit of coin one day. Did you buy it?
And is it wrong that I liked those black patent open-toed shoes? I'd sprain my ankle but they are super cute!

Ms. A said...

That sock looks wonderful with the shoe. My kind of style! I can't go shopping like this anymore, I've run out of space!

Ca88andra said...

Hmmm a basket of men... makes one think...

Marnie said...

I love going to thrift stores. I call it boutiquing :0)

Deborah said...

David - I like your wife!

Karen - I bet you have the best thrifting where you are.

Di - that painting was the best.

Traci - I know right??

Heff - Let's just use yours okay? It's right next to Barry Manilow.

Lucky Gun - Bella and I wanted him. Bad.

Sarah - I think it's the look of the summer!

Heather - I didn't even think of that. Proves how long it's been since my kids were little.

LBB - I kinda regret leaving it behind. Or my behind regrets. Or my behind is regretful. Something like that.

JJ - that little girl was such a cutie.

Sandra - well, you could only wear them while not standing maybe? :)

Ms A - Do what we do! We drop off, we pick up.

Ca88 - Seriously right? Hmmm . . .

Marnie - Now that's good. May I steal that one?