Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

Same street - 24 hours apart.

Bella had the same type shots on her blog and I'm betting many bloggers from Minnesota have had similar photos, but I got nothing else peeps. NOTHING!

I'm a boring drudge. I go to work, I come home, I go to bed.

I was telling Pup last night that when my girls were little I had a job and I'd run in the back door and begin making supper practically with my coat still on. And a million other things got done after that.

He said, "You were younger then babe."

I immediately started pouting. "I don't like that answer!"

I fear he's right, but balance needs to find a way into my heart.


Or something.

Here's the good stuff:

  1. Easter was a blast. We made brunch here at Chez Emerson, ate it up, and played Rock Band so hard Lorenzo got blisters from drumming. We rock! I'm certain we sounded like cats being killed, but I DON'T CARE! It was fun.
  2. I have gotten to the point at work where I'm actually GETTING little work-related jokes. You know the kind. The kind where you nod knowingly and make someone laugh with your insight and schadenfreude. Yeah that's right baby, I really am this witty and fun to be with. Well . . . sometimes.
  3. Pup and I are enjoying The Big Room (newest incarnation of the room's name - family still loves The Pit and B (son-in-law) still loves Den.) Pup and I had continued calling it The New Space, then it evolved to The Big Room. Stay tuned cuz I know you can't wait to see what we call it next. Is that sarcasm I smell?? Hmm?
  4. The glimmers of spring I'm seeing are making me silly and hopeful.
That's it from me peeps. What's doing with you all? Are you knee deep in the hoopla?


Karen said...

As Al Pacino once said..

HOOooo - AAaaaah.

Or soemthing like that.

Yes me dear, we ain't as young as we used to be. It is what it is.

Karen said...

And what's up with the typos??.. senior moment.

deb-oh-rah said...

Through the snowflakes, I am eagerly awaiting spring. We keep getting a teasing day of spring at a time followed by a few days of bleak winter. Frustrating. I want to get in the garden -- already bought plants!

And I'm looking forward to our thrifting excursion this weekend. :-)

Sarah said...

OMG I just listened to that song today!

"We built this city...we built this city on rock n roll!"

Wish we could have stayed longer for the Rock Band marathon :(

Ms. A said...

Try looking at it from a different perspective, like... you have a life, that's FULL and blessed. Personally, I don't see how some of you can work, blog, cook, shop, remodel...

I find that SO impressive!!!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Gorgeous pictures!

It finally warmed up here. Was in the low 60's about a week ago, but it's 80 today and it'll be near 90 by Friday. I love L.A.! : )

1. Ditto
2. They're like inside family jokes...which mine has a LOT of.
3. I like The Pit.
4. I think we've dived straight into summer.

I'm not AT ALL knee deep in the hoopla. I'd rather watch my fingernails grow.

Anonymous said...

I had TONS of energy until about age 52 or so.... Now I'm mostly a schlep sitting here in my big ugly brown blogging chair. Harumph and all that. Aging sucks... it sucks the big one.


T said...

Ah. That word again: Balance.

Profound. Understated.

How we must all find and keep it.

Glad you had an enjoyable Easter.

I am up, can't sleep, decided to blog, then wandered over to YOUR blog, only to discover that you and I both have blogged (unknowingly) about the sun.

Yeah, baby...bring it on.

Suzanne said...

Those are amazing pictures. Love that you played Guitar Hero. Families are great when they play together. And I love your name -- Big Room. We've recently done a renovation, and can't come up with something better than "5th bedroom." It has a TV for the kids. A hideabed for the 1 day out of the year when we might have guests. And all my cookbooks are in its bookcases. Any better ideas than 5th bedroom?