Monday, April 11, 2011

Opening Day

Such a gorgeous day. It was 74 outside! I drank it in like a glass of milk with Peanut M&Ms. It was a delicious.

Since today's high will be 55 degrees I will hold yesterday in my happy place until the next awesome day comes along. They're coming. I can smell it.
Awesome seats yes?
Fashion of the day.
Gimme some of that.

Oh and sidebar; yes, we lost, but I never care. Well, that's not true, I care, but it never rules the enjoyment of going to the ballpark.

I just love my Twins.


Snappy Di said...

I remember cheering for the Twins when I was a kid in Iowa. They were my fave! Looks like you had a super day with many more to come too. :-)

My daughter and family live not too far south of the Minnesota border in Iowa, so they probably had somewhat the same weather this week-end... which means her house full of kids got to play outdoors!


Sarah said...

Green with envy here! It was such a beautiful day that I can't stay green for too long though, even though you got to see the Twinkies.

Karen said...

What a beautiful ball park! I'm craving a hotdog...

Ms. A said...

Looks like the weather was extra special, just for you! Wha... no hunky baseball butt pics? Girl, you must be slippin'!

Marla said...

I have never been to a baseball game. Sheesh! Don't tell Matty, he'll never speak to me again.

Your photos are amazing! Looks like fun.

Kelley said...

Those are great seats! My dad is in LOVE with baseball. My husband doesn't like it, so I kind of miss going to the games. My 6 y/o starts playing baseball (no more T-ball- yay!!) in a couple of weeks, so I'll get my fix then. Great pictures!

T said...

Watching live baseball in a huge stadium like this is nothing short of euphoric.

It's electric. There's just SOMETHING about being at a baseball game, the noise, the smell, the food, the beer, the excitment, the cheers, the fans, the those watching those hunky, tight-assed players lookin oh-so-fine in those fitted uniforms (wink)'s all good.

silvergirl said...

Looks like a fun day and the bracelet is too cute
I have been out sick, so I need to go check out who you post on Friday!

J.J. in L.A. said...

It's been warmer there than it is here. I'm absolutely shocked that my MN cousin didn't call to brag.

Because that's what I do when the roles are reversed. ; )

Deborah said...

Di - a Twins fan! Awesome!

Sarah - it was the best. Didn't even need my windbreaker. Nice!

Karen - it is a beautiful park.

Ms A - men in baseball have the BEST bodies don't they? Let me catch my breath for a minute . . .

Marla - wha????? NEVER?? WTH!

Kelley - I go with a girlfriend usually although my hubbins likes baseball too.

T - you said it perfectly.

SG - my little head nod to fashion right? :)

JJ - she didn't call to brag because she knew it would be short lived. ha!