Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Morning, Good Morning

Eee gads.

Who knew that being trained on a new job (Dallas - hot printer guru I met yesterday said working at The Tumbler could be like trying to drink from a fire hose) could be so exhausting?

This was week four and things are jelling a bit.

I was chatting with AGTM (Adorable Girl Training Me) - who coincidentally was laid off from her large corporate job the SAME TIME as me - said that she read in some of her 'materials from getting canned' that when women begin a new job they are FRUSTRATED that they cannot do EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY. They want to be able to hit the ground running, make a contribution, and know everything about everything.

Men don't have this affliction. They let the information come to them when it comes and move forward from that.


That made me feel so much better and ironically - or 'of course' - things are lining up for me. Not that I know everything, but I don't feel quite so stumbly.

I'm settling in, people are getting to know me, I even made The Boy Genius (TBG) laugh a couple of times.

My annoying ways are becoming clear to all I work with.

Cast of Characters:

The Mom
The Dad
The Daughter

These three are, as far as I can tell, co-owners of The Tumbler. At times their infighting has all of us hanging our heads or scurrying for cover. At times it has me laughing my ass off at the realness of it all. Wouldn't we all like to talk to co-workers this way? I'm pondering on a daily basis if this would be good or bad. Either way it's rather eye-opening and educational.

I love all three of them.

The Mom is lovely, creative, kind. I'd like to have some wine with her on a Friday night. I think I will.

The Dad is quiet. Very, very nice. Very busy.

The Daughter. A force. Creative, biz-like, sweet, effective. Love her.

Then there is:

Older (by that I mean he's probably my age) Grumpy Guy. OGG talks to himself and likes to show me stuff I've done in error by searching me out and saying, "What's wrong with this"?

Dude, if I knew what was wrong, it would be right. He's perfectly nice as I like to say.

Cutie Curly Girl. CCG is the nucleus of the office. Knows EVERYTHING. Smart as a whip, cute as a button. Love love love her. She's as sweet and adorable as they come.

Her husband, Printer Boy. He is funny and self-deprecating. I admire PB and CCG for working together and showing all of us how it should be done. He's a go-to guy for me.

The Boy Genius. TBG is an introvert as many designers are. Super super scary smart. Has that awesome blend of left AND right brain that is splendid to observe. Sometimes he speaks and I have NO IDEA what he is saying. He owns no TV. I kinda love this. The Daughter owns no TV either. Should I tell them that Pup and I own 9 TVs?

Adorable Girl Training Me. AGTM works part-time for The Tumbler. She is so cute, blond, efficient, and full of great ideas. Fun fun fun!

Then there is me.

"Oh! You're the new Creative that The Tumbler hired"? the hot printer guru said. "They've been threatening for months to get someone new in here."

That's me, The New Creative.


Tanya said...

ha, i think all of us have worked with this cast at one time in our lives...good luck with ogg!

Anonymous said...

Yep... I worked with this cast a couple of times. One was a very wealthy Jewish family that owned a hotel in Scottsdale, AZ. Very strange cast in that office, mother always came in wearing mink coats, IN ARIZONA, daughter in law always came in with arms full of shopping bag filled with things for the two spoiled curly red haired sons, son was a manager at the hotel and had me fired because I refused to make out with him after office party at a bar. STRANGE people.

Just wondering if your new employers know about and read your blog? Please be careful.


Ms. A said...

Sounds like you are fitting in rather nicely. Doesn't if feel great when you finally start to meld and no longer feel like a newbie outsider! Great to hear things are working out.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Sounds like things are going well...and could get interesting. lol!

T said...

How entertaining -- CREATIVE -- this post has been. I like how you've sized your co-workers up so splendidly. Vividly. You DO have a wonderful way with words, lovely woman.

They surely know by now that they've snagged an exceptional asset to their business by hiring you on. I look forward to more blogs about your decreasing "frustrations," increasing "contributions," and your climb to "knowing everything about everything."


"Invest in the human soul.
Who knows,
it might be a diamond in the rough."

-Mary McLeod Bethune

Marnie said...

I'm so glad things are going well. I think you'd be a hoot to work with!

Marla said...

What a great post! Loved ever word because it makes total sense to me. I work with/have worked with this same cast of characters. Love it!

"when women begin a new job they are FRUSTRATED that they cannot do EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY. They want to be able to hit the ground running, make a contribution, and know everything about everything."


Deborah said...

Tanya - he's a good guy, just a little recalcitrant. I'm the one that needs to simmer down. heh

Di - there are always characters aren't there? It's what keeps it fresh.

Ms A - it's always one step forward, two steps back.

JJ - endlessly entertaining!

Tpretty - woman, you make me blush! Thank you for this. It was something I needed to read. smooches

Marnie - you would be fun to work with as well. Why isn't it that way? Or should we be relieved? Too much laughing could happen.

Marla - didn't that make perfect sense? It really made me think.