Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Did You Hear That?

A few weeks ago we went with the kids to get our tree as we do every year. This was Spud's second year getting a tree, but he was way more excited about it this year. Although it was hard to tell with everything he had on.


The Big B and Bella picked their tree and Pup and I picked ours. The guy from the tree spot made fresh cuts on our stumps so the trees would drink water and then he tied them onto The Captain.

The Little Family decided not to go out to eat with us so Pup and dropped them and their tree off at their house and we traveled on our way to a local place that makes the best chicken wild rice soup with a broth base. Lovely on a chilly evening.

As we're heading onto a ramp we hear a "shush" sound. We look at each other.

"What was that?" I say. "Did you hear something?"

Pup looks out of the rear view mirror. There is our tree laying in the middle on the ramp.


We back up The Captain to the dismay of the two cars that are trying to swing along the ramp.

We good-naturedly cuss them out. You know, no one ever drives as good as you do on the road yes? That's how we cuss, I mean, drive, around these parts. Lots of cussing. Lots of finger-waving. Lots of judging. I mean, who would beep at us just because we're backing up on an onramp? I ask the question!

The poor little tree. What if we hadn't heard that "shush?" We would have gone for soup, come back out, and surely thought someone had stolen our tree in a most non-Christmas way.

Oh the laughter. Oh the tears from the laughter.
How you undecorating?


Karen Ann said...

What a precious baby boy!...

I just put the tree away yesterday.. once Christmas is over, it's over :-)

T said...

Blogger's having issues again, aren't they! (Hmph!)

Funny tree story. I see it in my head and giggle out loud. Everyone needs at least one funny Christmas tree snafu story.

I don't undecorate until AFTER New Year's. It's my most favorite season/holiday, and I want to savor every beautiful moment of it...dream-like.

Ms. A said...

OH.NO... Your poor tree! Someone sure is growing!!!

No undecorating here, I didn't do anything.

Deborah said...

Karen - today is 1.4.14 and the stuff is coming down today. I'm over it finally!

tPretty - I love little lights all over the house. We leave the outside ones on the house until February. It's so dark here it makes coming home at 5:00 in the dark so lovely.

Ms A - Our little man is changing and growing, that is for certain!