Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmastime Quote

  Christmas Gift Suggestions
  • To your enemy, forgiveness. 
  • To an opponent, tolerance. 
  • To a friend, your heart. 
  • To a customer, service. 
  • To all, charity. 
  • To every child, a good example. 
  • To yourself, respect.
~Oren Arnold, Author


Ray Denzel said...

merry christmas

Ms. A said...

Merry Christmas, Deborah!

T said...

Great quote. And I love zoomed shots of Christmas trees. The best. Merry Christmas to you, Deborah -- and ALL your lovely family.

Stephen Andrew said...

Okay. I would like a Mercedes though.
These are all great. Forgiveness is a big theme in 2015 for me. I'm bad at it. I get mad and stay mad. Which doesn't help anything.

Deborah said...

Ray Ray - smooches as always

Ms A - I think about you always woman! You are strong!

tPretty - zoomed shots are great. This particular one was rather lazy and last minute. Like I can be. :)

Stephen - I'm with you! I might want a Jag is I get to fantasize. Yeah, a Jag, or a vintage Mercedes. Oh, a collectible Mercedes? braindead I swear I am.