Saturday, January 14, 2012

Watch Your Step

I'm reading a lot about cravings, binge eating, and sleep issues. I may be more confused than I was before. Ha!

What I'm not confused about is the past week was definitely not #faileo. I have thought this before, but I get into a thought-gully where I feel if I'm not PERFECT than I've fucked everything. It's such a weird thought-gully. I'd rather throw everything out the window because I did a little something off plan? I need to keep the big picture in mind and not go totally monkey-crazy when I have a blip. Concentrate on the glides and don't let the blips get the upper hand.

I have totally rediscovered the joy of drinking water infused with lemon. I make a pitcher in the morning and drink it during the time I'm at home. It's so delicious and makes supplement taking just that more bearable.

Grokking onward and downward my hooches.


Not So Simply Single said...


Big picture. I have been dieting since I was 16. That is fucked up.

FINALLY, I admitted I am powerless over certain foods, one bite leads to another.

No, I can't put a package of cookies in the freezer thinking I will eat only one a day.

No, I can't eat just 5 m & ms.

NO, I can't have a load of bread sitting on the counter.


So after doing some research on this bullshit food addiction, I came up with a plan.

Three meals a day, and two snacks. Whatever I want as long as it is wheat free, dairy free and sugar free. ANYTHING I WANT.

When I choose to eat the "foods that make me binge", I must tell someone I am having a piece of birthday cake. I tell them OUT LOUD and then it takes the power out of this stupid food for me.

I eat the birthday cake, and it isn't that fabulous after all.

Same with pizza. Two pieces. When I choose to do this with a date, rather than make a big deal out of my food plan.

I finally have kept the weight off this year, and have only binged once. (eating endless amounts of food) Even on Thanksgiving and Christmas, one plate of food.

It is amazing how addicting food can be, but what is more amazing, now that I am 52, is that the insanity around diets is overwhelming. Being thin isn't my goal. My goal is to FEEL FABULOUS! I feel fabulous off of sugar and wheat and dairy. When I choose to eat these things, I tell myself, "this is a treat, just for today." Tomorrow I will be back off this stuff.

That seems to work for me. I don't know, its a tough road sometimes being an addict. However, I have been off of alcohol for 15 years on January 22.

Did you need to know all this stuff? Probably not. But I just couldn't quit writing....

Thanks for all your thoughts on this matter. Those eggs look delicious!

xoxo Love ya!

Deborah said...

Holy crapinoli. I could have written this. Right down to the first time I dieted. And I dieted only because I was 15 and my body was changing and I was developing boobs and hips and somehow didn't think this stuff was normal. What we do to ourselves right?

I'm cannot have chips, crackers, dip, and other stuff around the house. But it is around the house because I live with someone that doesn't have issues and likes to have it around.

I'm having such a hard time letting this stuff be and not eating it.

I'm not an alcoholic, but it's in my DNA deeply and totally. Many family members are and my first hubby was an alcoholic. But I have discovered (duh) that when I have a cocktail I totally lose site of my eating goals.

Wow. This turned into a post. lol

Not So Simply Single said...

The thing is, normal people can eat just one. Food addicts like me, well, one triggers my addiction, hence causing my addict ass to keep reaching for the next one....and the one after that, and the one after that!

I am sorry you have to keep that stuff around the house. I find it not so difficult when I eat my three meals and two snacks...then I am not as crazy hungry and am satisfied.

Also, if I get enough sleep, and keep my emotions at bay, (not angry or pissed off) then I am healthier and happier....

Getting better every day!