Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If I Knew How to Get There I Wouldn't Have to Ask

I don't know when I first saw that or thought it up, but I do know that I have used that particular phrase/motto/helpful-saying quite a few times during the last 10 years of my life.

It makes sense that this would resonate with me since I'm lost most of the time. For real. Lost.

I will be first in line when they make a GPS that can be inserted into your head.

I own a GPS and seriously couldn't get ANYWHERE without it. I know, that's sad. There is something missing in my brain. The know-where-you-are gene/ability/talent.

I mean, I even get lost at any doctor office I've ever been in. If it weren't for the EXIT signs I wouldn't know how to get back to the lobby.

I used to work in downtown Minneapolis, for 11 years actually. Minneapolis downtown is connected by an awesome array of 'skyways.' Meaning that you can walk from building to building from a second floor entry using a remarkable set of glassed walkways.
Incredible yes?

Except for the immediate skyways I used on a daily basis, I had to wander around downtown with a map of the skyways. A map that I would have to turn as I was turning. So the map was always in line with the way I was facing.

I blame it all on being lefthanded.

So the fact that I stumble around lost in other areas of my life is no huge surprise to me. At all. Nope. No surprise there.

So, while I bumble about, finding my way with this new and highly need/wanted/coveted way of living, I hope that any of you that are perhaps getting a bit exasperated with me will take me with a grain of GPS. Know that I'm checking that map often.

I'm getting there. It's going to be good.

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Not So Simply Single said...

I get lost in a paper bag, if that helps. I have lived on Maui almost 14 years, and its a small place. Very small. I get turned around all the time....

I knew you were my sister from another mister.

Love ya!