Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday Detoxing

Whew I say! Even after the holidays there are things aplenty to F me up. I keep thinking I have rid myself of temptations and something pops out at me to trip me up.

I am not tripping. Oh I'm tripping, but not on THAT. Ha! Lame Deborah - very lame.

Insomnia is still on and off. The off days are so good! I am tired of the on days. There isn't much to do at 3:00 in the morning. You'd think I'd be all creative and blog posting like a mo-fo.

Nothing creative sprouting out today anyway.


But on track. Keeping with my Fitday tracking and keeping active. The devilish sugar and wheat are not a factor and hey hey hey for that.


Not So Simply Single said...


I have been off of sugar, wheat and dairy for two days.

Last night my date brought over cheesecake. We didn't eat it. We went to his house and watched a movie. Later on I was the dessert. Actually, there is no calories in that. I may of even burned a few.

High five for getting on the health path. Lets do this together. Even if we f@#k up, lets admit it, pick up and NOT QUIT!

Summer is coming and we want that Helen Mirren body....

Say yes!


Deborah said...

I'm on it with you!

Not So Simply Single said...

I confess! No sugar since Monday, but on Thursday I ate two pieces of pizza at work.

So I ate dairy and wheat. Don't know what triggered that, but it did taste oh so good.

Damn it.

Started over in that department yesterday but no sugar for five days!

Progress not perfection!

Today is a new day! :)

How are you doing beautiful? Lets write about our ups and would be fun! I don't care if I fall off the wagon as long as I get back up and start again!!!!

Deborah said...

Lisa! That's exactly the thing right? Not so much the falling, but the getting right back up. I love it.