Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What's on My Phone?

I am feeling just like a bear. By 8:00 at night I'm so tired! It gets dark around here starting at 4:30 and by 7:00 my internal clock is begging for bed.

Most nights I hang out with Pup in the office for a while, pretending to do SOMETHING, but really, doing nothing. Not even researching what I have to BUY for the den interests me once my big head starts bobbing and begging for bed.

So, sometimes I go upstairs to the loft between 8:30 and 9:00 to read. Uh huh. READ. That lasts about five minutes.


But then, my eyes spring open at 3:00 or 3:30. Ridiculous! I have an ongoing insomnia problem, but thought I had made a bit of progress.

So, I'm in my office early. Oh yes, it's still dark. The worker-boys show up around 7:30 and it's barely light even then.

What it is!

So . . . a few shots from my phone.
Tried to get a shot of new boots. A fashion blogger I will never be.
A shot of Lorenzo's ornaments I sent her so she'd know I had them. Fascinating!
A missed opportunity. They looked darling literally one second before this shot. I swear.
This is what is causing all the crazyness at the house?? Really?
Inside the den. Whooooooo!
Shot of my lovely new watch my lovely daughters bought me. I had to send the shot to them because I'm annoying.
There is a story behind this shot, but I am under confidentiality restrictions and could get fined if I spill. So I won't


Anonymous said...

Love the watch... and, oh, yes.... pets NEVER cooperate for a posed photo. They're sort of bratty that way.


Karen said...

LOVE THE BOOTS!!!!........

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

pets can be total assholes sometimes. biscuit will be nibbling on a toy for hours on end, looking calm and cute and angel-like, but the minute i get the camera out she turns into a black tornado.

deb-oh-rah said...

Hey, what shots are on the new Nikon???? Have you figured it out yet?

blueviolet said...

I can't believe you said there's a story and then left us hanging!

I LOVE your boots!

David L Macaulay said...

nice one. It seems to snow a lot around your way...

silvergirl said...

boot and watch are FAB!
I think I would be going crazy and doing nothing but sleeping with all of that snow outside!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Those are some great pics for a camera phone!

Heather said...

Now I HAVE to know the story. Can you guest post under an alias??

R. Jacob said...

it is a fight you have to win. ten o'clock should be bedtime. Watch what you need and drink. must have quiet and no night lights, clocks , anything that might disrupt the sleep. Shoot for 5:00 am for a wake up time. That will give you 7 hours of sleep and a reasonable wake up time. I run into the same problem as you some time.
Dr. Big Fella!

J.J. in L.A. said...

By 8 pm, I'm just getting started! Of course, I don't go to bed til 3-3:30 am so I really shouldn't talk.

I LOVE your animals! I can't imagine how much darlinger (that's a word, right?) they could've been just 1 second before.

As for that last shot, you can tell me. ; )

Sara Louise said...

The winter is effecting me hard as well; up to bed reading a little after 8 and then fast asleep. And now today it's dark and rainy, all I want to do is hibernate.
Loving your boots! :-)

Deborah said...

Di - I am wearing that watch EVERY day and I have a couple of lovely watches. I LOVE this new one!

Karen - I'm loving my boots too. Very comfy as well.

Lucky Gun - I used to say the same thing about my kids when they were little. They just wouldn't perform like little monkeys damn their hides!

deb - nag! hehehe

blue - :)

David - you think?

SG - I WANT to sleep all the time, but don't. Wah.

LBB - I'm so talented I know. Ha!

Heather - nice! But no. Ha!

RJ - been working on it for years RJ. Sometimes with good results. Sometimes not.

JJ - you are such a night owl!

SL - yes, hibernate like a bear. I'm sleepy right now!

Marla said...

Your boots are awesome. I live in my Uggs all winter.