Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yesterday was both Momma B's birthday (she turned 80!) and my Lorenzo's birthday.

Baby-girl Lorenzo! My baby-girl.

When I was newly married to my girl's daddy I rashly stated that I didn't want to have girls when we had children. I wanted to have boys. Girls were little wenches and snotty and boys were awesome.

So, of course, I had girls.

What the hell was I thinking? Girls, my girls, have been the biggest blessing in my life. The end. I mean that.

They have been such a blast from their first little farty smile, to their crabby adolescence, to their blossoming womanhood. That is the part that no one really ever tells you about. How wonderful and unexpected it is to watch what you helped to create turn into a grown-ass woman.

And I have to say, about both of my girls, that they are such great women.

Lorenzo is the kind of woman everyone wants to know. I truly do not know one person that hasn't been charmed by her. She is fairly calm in crisis, a wild-child when out hooting it up, a great person to bounce ideas off of, a lovely woman. I'm proud to be her momma. Love you Lorenzo.

It was also Momma B's birthday! Who could ask for a better momma-in-law? She is adorable and as incredibly talented crafter. You should SEE the crocheted tablecloths she makes! Works of art.

Last night we had part of the fam over for cake, ice cream, coffee, wine, beer, and anything else anyone wanted.

I was also trying out my Nikon with varying results. I tried, last night, simply setting it on auto no flash.

Every time I pointed that thing towards anyone they got annoyed! I need a bigger lens so I can stealth-shoot. Of course I am hardly The Satoralist so who gives a flying crap? Ha!
Yes, I baked both of these cakes. Scratch frosting. Don't hate me 'cuz I'm the only martha you know
George, ever hopeful Pup will let him lick his plate.
Adorable LD and her bro, Jamester.
Handsome Kiss.
Momma B
Lorenzo, she will be pissed. Sorry baby-girl! I always think you are gorgeous!


Karen said...

The cake looks divine! And your daughter is beautiful - as is the rest of your family! Good job with the camera too -

R. Jacob said...

A very nice family gathering!

Shabbygal said...

Deborah, I said the same thingwhen having kids but didn'y want boys coming from a family with two bros. So I had boys and I feel the same they are such blessings! Your daughter is quite a beauty! The cake looks yummy! Still love your beverage container? It does look good on your counter! Traci

silvergirl said...

you are getting pretty darned good with that camera!
i salute you and your mad parenting skills with girls
as mom of only sons, i can't even imagine the drama the teen years must have put you through lol

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

ugh- i hope that whole "whatever you wish for, you're going to get the opposite" doesn't always work out. i only want girls. or at least one girl. and then no more kids.

so basically, i'm getting stuck with a boy.

your comment on lorenzo's pic is funny. my mom always has the dumbest pictures of me looking like a just had a stroke and she swears they're her "favorite" because i look so "beautiful". -at least you posted a PRETTY picture of your daughter. :)

blueviolet said...

That is such a fun new toy to play with! The party looks like fun!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Having 5 brothers, all I can say dodged a HUGE bullet!

T said...

Sounds like a great celebration.

And the pics! Love the no-flash. Awesome, Deb.

(I want THAT camara)

T said...

Uh, camera.


Daisy said...

Lovely post. Lovely pictures. Happy birthday to your daughter and your mil.

PS. The cake looks really yummy.

Marla said...

Happy Birthday to your "girls". Hey, I am still gonna be a girl at 80. Oh, yes I am!

Love the photos!! Makes me wish I had been there. Ok, it might be the cakes but I would still have liked seeing you all too.

Deborah said...

Karen - you are so sweet.

RJ - it was fun!

Traci - goes to show us that we love what we get yes? I still think having boys would be a blast.

SG - it really wasn't that bad. I just thought back to what a beast I was at that age.

Lucky Gun - that makes me laugh because that's how we mommas are. Such PITA yes?

bv - it really is a blast.

J.J. - I think it would be fun!

Tpretty - I am LOVING this camera so much. Pup signed me up for a lesson or two from the store where he bought it. I am jazzed!

Daisy - thank you so much!

Marla - yes to that! Girls forever!

Lo Lo said...

Love the post Momma! I guess the picture wasn't THAT bad... ;) You are a sneaky woman!

Thanks for making my bday awesome and thanks to everyone for the warm birthday wishes!

BTW- I like to think that my adolescent years weren't that hellacious! :)