Friday, January 7, 2011

Hot Men Friday

Again? Friday? I really need to stop drinking wine every night. Wait, no I don't. Oh what the hell, the reservatrol is good for me yes? Say yes. SAY IT!!

Small sidenote: we went to dinner last night with Lorenzo, Bella, and The Big B to St. Paul to the most charming place I've been in so long. It was Lorenzo's choice and she ferreted out The Strip Club.

All I can say is NUMMY! I had hanger steak with poached carrots. Bella and I shared a bottle of Spanish wine, Lorenzo indulged in the vodka, and the boys had cola. The boys take care of the girls.

Our table was up in a tiny loft area we accessed by climbing a circular staircase. A tiny-ass circular staircase. The servers navigate this to bring everyone their food. They must have asses just like little, firm apples. I need a job there.

It was make-out dark at our table. Love this! Pup had to bring his menu over to a floor lamp to read the menu. The server kindly pointed out that the little lamp on our table turns up to reading level. Ooops and okay.

Lovely lovely. Whoever says that life can't be good doesn't like to eat. Every bite was something to be savored. We had a couple of small plates to start. A steak tartar delicious thingy along with frittes that had a cheddar cheese sauce along with chorizo. Oh dear. Damn! The perfectly spicy spicy chroizo

And, of course, we got bread for the boys. They were as happy as a pork belly. Which is what Lorenzo ordered and I had a mouth-melting bite. Holy hannah. Who knew?

I want to go back today which I kinda can since I have some steak and carrots waiting for me in the fridge. Oh YUM!


John Stamos

In a former life (mom of young children) I would watch TGIF every Friday night with my girls. He is the only reason I could live through it.

He is my definition of handsome. HANDSOME!

I'm just going to scroll through all of these a few or a million times to get my day started right.



R. Jacob said...

Oh that kind of strip clup!
I don't eat much fish, but they made it look
( nummy )? Ok, take away his good looks, and smile and there I am!

Anonymous said...

Mary Kate and Ashley look like dolls, and I don't mean that in a cute way. They just look weird.


The Empress said...

Oh, but you have me drooling this morning.

First, over that meal, and then John Stamos.

Can you believe Rebecca? What was her problem???

Not wanting to have babies with him, a man? But instead with goofball Jerry?


Thank you for Hot Friday, hon!

Sarah said...

Yum to the noms, and yum to the Stamos!

T said...

Oh, Deborah...I confess...I'm JEALOUS. That night out sounds divine. What FUN!

Great blog entry!

And THAT hot man? Stamos?

Uh. Yeah. Alllll-that! He gets a 10.

Karen said...

I always thought he was adorable.

Heather said...

He is pretty easy on the eyes.

Shabbygal said...

Gotta love steak and cozy romatic restraunts!John is freakin amazing to look at! Oh the fun I could have with a hottie like that! I think wine is divine! The shop I work in sells it and I get a discount! So life doesn;t get better then that! Hugs,Traci

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I'd like to visit that restaurant. We're going to our favorite pizza place tonight.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Chorizo is DE-lish! Until you read the ingredients. lol!

You're gonna say, "WHAT?" when I tell you that John is a little too pretty for my taste. I like the odd-looking ones, like a young Christopher Walken or Aidan Quinn.

silvergirl said...

oh I can beat your Full House...
I watched Mr. Stamos back in the day as Blackie on General Hospital.
Was totally in love with him then.
He has aged VERY well!

PS...will be looking for an organize your closet post soon!

Marla said...

He is pretty isn't he?

I loved reading about your night out. That is my kind of dining experience.

I will now go eat my carrots and hummus. Yum.

Deborah said...

RJ - the steak there was absolutely delicious.

Di - yes, those two little girls are different. Brilliant biz women though. Or someone around them is brilliant.

Emress - I know! He just seems like he's be such a nice guy and I've never heard differently. Of course I know them because I've seen them on TV and movies. ;)

Sarah - delicious yes?

Tpretty - you would have LOVED this place. Just quirky enough and superb food.

Karen - he really is isn't he?

Heather - my eyes could look all day.

Traci - steak and wine. sigh

LBB - from the front the place looked like a house. I really loved it.

J.J. - I get the too pretty thing. That's how I feel about most of the young uns that every one is climaxing about.

SG - funny! And I'm thinking about doing a post on that for real.

Marla - hummus!