Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What to Do in Idaho?

That's where we are headed. To see our Barnabee! (That's my dad and step-momma.)

It's a little weird leaving everything while it's happening (the den build), but when we get home there will be some major changes.

Meanwhile, here's the latest shot from my phone. A shot on the back roads on my way to the hair salon. Snow, snow, and more snow. I took back roads because the news was saying that 15 minute drives were taking over two hours. Holy crapinoli! Back roads are kinda fun and I got there in no time at all.
It looks so bleak doesn't it? It's gray day after day. When the sun does shine on those rare times, it feels like an intrusion. I'm getting weird from S.A.D. I'm thinking. I do like to nurture that dark-girl from time to time.

That's why Pup and I went out and got a NordicTrac treadmill the other day. We will FORCE the feel-good hormones into our pudgy-pooches. We'll be low-fat lattes in no time!

Smooches all you hooches! I'll write from Idaho.


David L Macaulay said...

what to do in Idaho - eat potatoes maybe??

Karen said...

Well take pictures! I've never been to Idaho. And the SNOW, good lord, the SNOW!!!!.. we've got two feet so far.

Pearl said...

You take pictures and write about it, of course!!


You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

at the risk of it sounding super cliche and totally california'y, go to a tanning bed. a quick roast under the "sun" might help with the SAD.

T said...

YLID has a point...the tanning bed, though it boasts a questionable reputation, is a nice lift when we're in need of sun, feel-good vibes, and a little glow to our otherwise pasty skin. Agreed!

At this time of year, I gather my arsenal for mood elevators: tanning bed, comedies, cardio, laughter, happy people, friends, a weekend getaway, and a bit of liquid cheer now and then when opportunity allows.

Be safe in your travels.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Backroads are strange to me (not too many in L.A.) but they ARE fun!

And it's a good thing I live here (instead of MN) because I suffer from SAD too. In So. Cal. I told my MN cousin, "If I lived there, I would die. Just DIE." lol!

I'd LOVE to see some pics from Idaho! That's one state I've never been to.

Enjoy your trip!

silvergirl said...

Never been to Idaho, but I think it would do me in. Just the pitiful 3 days of snow here has turned me into a crazy person lol

The Empress said...

Came over on this frozen winter morning for some hotmen!!

Wake up, girl.

Marla said...

We have a treadmill and get lots of exercise moving it from room to room.