Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Taste of My Cherry Chapstick

Of all the things I carry in my handbag, the single thing I would turn back to get if I left it at home is my Cherry Chapstick. I can feel my lips shriveling just at the thought of not having the cherry replenishment. I do fear it is turning into an addiction. Is there cherry rehab? Cherry 12-steppin'? Cherry amends to make?

I have taken to hiding them all over the house. Tucking them into jacket pockets. Holding one in my hand while going for a walk. One in the kitchen. One in my office. One with my makeup.

I fear an intervention at any moment. All my friends and family in a room holding spent tubes of the stuff. Telling stories of how my habit has effected their lives. My cat and dog looking at me with sad eyes, their fur sticky with my cherry kisses.

At least my lips are soft.


Blasé said...

I'm with ya on that one, Deborah!

Kissin' ain't complete unless it's coated with some Cherry Chap Stick! Soft, flavored, flexible lips...Oh yeah, Baby!

Anonymous said...

My eyes are cryin' at the "sticky fur with cherry kisses" line!