Friday, December 4, 2009

Hot Men Friday

Phenomenon was on some station the other day. I stumbled on it while looking for something to have on as buzz in the background - god forbid I sit in silence you know. It reignited my old old crush on John Travolta. Old Dogs opens this weekend too (I think?) so that might have been the other reason he's been on my mind.

Loved him so much in Saturday Night Fever right?

Hey - watch the hair! That could sum up a lot of days I'm thinking. Ha!


Afterthought - there were no hot men in November! Interesting or indicative? Grr right?


Sal said...

Hey Deborah! Drop me a note at for some vintage/thrift recommendations ... I wanted to make sure you got 'em so I didn't respond in my comments.

Tail-Kinker said...

Your hot men were over at DD1's house working away in Nov...that's why you have no pics! You need to retro-post some pics of your Pupcake, B-town and Crazy Corry for your hot men.