Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Observe cranky face--->
Cranky face is for the gift of procrastination - if today isn't 12.16 then scroll up or forget it. :)

No, I won't be detailing all of this out, but I did want to document just a tad.

Part of the wrecking ball is, of course, getting stuff done. I made a list and this is what has been accomplished. A stellar beginning. It is. Really. I swear. Stop whispering behind my back.

  1. Hair. I had highlights done. And my raging regrowth. Shout out to the darling Gabrielle of Juut Salon. She is the cutest young un ever. I LOVE her.
  2. Hair. Appointment made for cut tomorrow. Aaaaah! Let the anxiety begin.
  3. Acupuncturist appointment. Oh yes I did. My sis and bro in law swear this is awesome. The name of the place is Green Dragon. I will leave a trail of aromatherapy candles. Will ya all come find me if I don't return in a timely fashion? Please?
  4. Eye appointment with the wonderful Dr. Heyen. I have been seeing this handsome dude for 30 years. Is that possible??
  5. Orientation for school set up. Eee gads. This one gives me hives. School! For real school, not community ed. I'll bring a paper bag to breath into.

There it is. The wrecking ball is swinging.


Blasé said...

#2 Looking forward to it!!!

#4 I'm sort of, kind of, just a lil'...jealous

I guess you will be posting a new profile pic after the new cut?? Can you wear a 'wife-beater' top, too?

Deborah said...

Around these parts Mr. B, they're called "boyfriend" beaters. ;)