Saturday, August 22, 2009

Project Runway Inspiration

I sat for three hours Thursday night watching the Project Runway debut on Lifetime. The challenge was so fun to watch. The creativity is dumbfounding. How? You gotta love the brain. The endless variations of creativity really is inspiring.

How can we be more creative in our lives? There are places everywhere to do it. Our thinking, the way we express ourselves - be it verbally or in the written word, our houses, our car, our makeup, our hair, the way we dress, the way we accessorize, the way we cook, the way we set a table, the way we exercise. I have just scratched the surface.

Whenever I think I'm out of ideas (a big, huge, black thought of late) I need to push it in areas I don't think about generally. Inspiration comes from where we find it. Yikes I'm so deep. And so clichéd. How do you think clichés get started?? Ha!

Now get in that closet and get creative! Trends start with forward-thinking people like you.

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