Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Now This is Love

Pup is the sweetest man ever. When we moved in together last November (after getting engaged and being together since 2005), we had a talk about decorating and where he was with my type of style which is god knows what.

Luckily, he's a typical guy and his sister had decorated his place after his divorce many years ago and, other than his white marshmallow leather couch, he had nothing much he was attached to.

He loved my couch, my decorating ideas, my rug choices, the rest of my furniture. He drew the line at the light fixture above. I found it at a 60s decor garage sale last summer and when I brought it home he declared it "gristle" and good naturedly refused putting it up.

We had some fixture I had found at Ikea, but I hated it.

Yesterday we had a hole in the ceiling (from the previous light fixture) repaired and he agreed to put up my light!


He admits it might grow on him. I love that man!

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