Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thrifting is Solid Gold

A few of my finds from the past few thrift outings.

Good grief! I just noticed that everything here is the same color nearly. Hmm . . . I am truly stuck in a neutral state of mind. But just think of the accessorizing I can do.

Here are a couple of things I bought from Off 5th for nearly nothing! They were marked down significantly, then 80 percent off. Lovely!

The two at the end here are Matty M and will be perfect in Mexico next April. Whooo hoo!

And I'm hungry like the wolf!

Just noticed that the pics are big! That's the last time I pre-write my blog in Google Docs. Seemed like such a good idea!

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Tail-Kinker said...

If you hadn't said it, I would have! I ALWAYS teased you about wearing beige & other neutral colors.

Now I wait in fear for the day I begin to have an obsession with beige. And I'm starting to think it's already happened, only with grey...

The old adage that we are our parents is SO true. Even in high school when I didn't use purses, I found myself wanting to buy them. And this year the "girlie" side of me has come out of the closet with a vengence, determined to fill the closet up with cute heels, skirts, dresses & more purses.

What have you DONE to me? The goth rocker of my youth has been eaten by Momma's fashion genes. But I'm secretly loving it.

Here's to cute shoes, slimming dresses, fun skirts, functional but lovely purses, and of course my fantastic Momma. *Mwaa* Love you!