Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Today Was Made for Frosting

Unexpected day with no agenda. Normally a go-to-The-Firm-day, but Pup said a power supply died and we had inexplicably bought computers that have special-order parts so I have no computer at The Firm.

I'm not mad about it.

I have a list in front of me with things that seem to never get done during the week. We'll see how I do today!

It's sleeting outside.

The sun was out yesterday. When it is out we all find happiness simply looking out windows. Spud was here for a short bit yesterday (he was here for a few hours, but slept most of it!) and he and I spent a chunk of time in his room where we lifted the blind so he could look outside and enjoy looking at everything with a bright light. He loves looking out windows! I know he doesn't really understand why we are stuck in the house for the most part.

With that in mind Bella and I took him to the Como Park Conservatory on Sunday. It's a great place to poke about and smell humid air, look at beautiful flowers, listen to water features, and just get away from all the brown and gloomy that is outside right now.

So fun going with Bella and Spud.
Those are little skulls on his t-shirt. Swoon!
That was a remember-it-forever kind of day.

Smooches my hooches.


Ms. A said...

That child is SO ADORABLE!

Stephen Andrew said...

Oh how nice the garden looks! An unplanned day off is never a bad thing :)

Karen Ann said...

Adorable!!... and what a niece reprieve. now I'm going to complain that you didn't post more pictures of the place ! :-)

Karen Ann said...

Um, that would be a NICE reprieve.. what do nieces have to do with it. Where's my coffee mug....

T said...

Love the expression of curious wonder on his face amid the flowers. The innocence! So precious, that child.

Deborah said...

Ms A - he really is!

Stephen - you would truly love this particular place.

Karen Ann - we need to go back and do it over the top.

tPretty - he had the best time. Sweet baby.