Friday, February 27, 2015

I Love Fashion

You wouldn't know it just by looking at me. Although if you were a fashion-person you might.

On my every day I am fond of a uniform. I work a few days with Pup at our business and, on most days, see just a few people. So my winter uniform has been leggings, a v-neck sweater in a no-color color, boots. A nice watch. A very good bag. A pair of the loveliest earrings that Pup got me for Christmas a few years ago and a thin, gold, lariat necklace. Boom. Done. Every day the same. Looks nice, is comfortable while I'm wrestling with numbers, and suits my chunky-monkey ways these days.

But I love fashion.

I have a designer's eye and somehow have a sense of things that are on the horizon to be the next thing and a sense of things that are going to be past their time. This designer's eye is colored with my personal tastes and views naturally, but there it is.

Like scarves! I love long scarves. Always have. I've worn them for a million years. Suddenly, every time I put one on with an outfit, off it goes. It feels fussy. It feels yesterday. I don't wear it. The scarves in my dressing nook (definitely not a room) hang on their Ikea organizer very sad and underutilized.

And my large, black-framed glasses. I hunted down this look well over four years ago. I still love them but am worried (because of this love) they are getting a tad stale.

At times I miss my corporate job where getting dressed every day was an event. I was seen and it was important and it was fun. Once a manager from a distant department that I casually knew asked me to shop with her and help her with mixing and matching. What fun that was!

I shine in the shop-your-closet event. Mixing and matching and discovering nuances in my and other closets is the most fun.

I worked years ago for a friend at the University of Minnesota. After a few months she asked me to look around the department and said, "Do you see the influence you're had around here?" She saw how a few ideas of mine had found more lives. I remember feeling happy about that!

As I love saying, "I may not be everything, but I sure am something!"

Spring is coming and here is what I'm looking forward to:


T said...

Well you hit THAT nail on the head. You most definitely are the fashionista. It's a gift. You're blessed.

I'm liking the photos...except I don't do pleated skirts. Not evah, dahling. Not with these hips, short-waisted-like, and anything-but-slender thighs. I'd feel like a walking triangle.

That first photo is SO cute.

Ms. A said...

It wouldn't matter what I bought, how expensive, or cheap it is, I would still look like a bag lady. Actually, I've seen bag ladies that look better than I do. I just don't have it, period.

David Macaulay said...

time to go back to Milan Deborah :)

Karen Ann said...

I love so many looks.. but want my 20 year old body to sit in them.

Deborah said...

tPretty - I must have been feeling plucky! I hear you about pleated skirts; they are tricky beyond.

Ms A - you would not!!

David - smarty alec! lol

Karen Ann - I don't, but only because I'd have to be 20 again and I don't want to go there!