Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Story from the Z Files

Z means nothing. I'm just not that clever this morning! I was attempting to find a connection between X Files and Z files which could be hard because I'm too lazy to look anything up on the X Files and I never saw one episode. Wha?

Hopefully the story is more entertaining than that sentence.  :)

Yours Truly on phone with friend. We're having a little kiki. I'm hesitating saying my next sentence that is hilariously rolling around in my head. About a particular situation.

Friend says, "If you're worried about going to hell for saying anything, know that you will not be alone."

We FELL out laughing. I am so very easily amused.


Ms. A said...

I don't get it? Not sure if that's from my brain damage, or just plain ignorance.

T said...

That's my judge's secretary's favorite expression, it seems: "I know I'm going to hell, but I know I'm gonna see a lot of my friends there, so at least I'll be in good company."

Casual conversations.

Reminds me -- Remember that song? Supertramp?

Deborah said...

Ms A - it was just one of those silly jokes; you know, saying that we're going to hell because we're so mean/naughty, but we won't be alone because all of our friends that are mean/naughty will be there! Ha!

tPretty - your judge's secretary is my kind!