Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Win!

My weather bug right now . . .
Yup . . .

Kinda windy too. That's the part I hate the most. Here's the thing I always say though; it will be the brightest sun ever. Crisp (understatement!) and bright!
So take that!



Stephen Andrew said...

Omg HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ELISE ELLIOT. When I'm having a bad day I scream/cry "I'm unhappy Maurice!!"
And "I drink because I am a sensitive and high strung person!" Is my go-to for just about everything.

Ms. A said...

If cold temps are a win, I DON'T WANT TO WIN!!!

T said...


Love this.

Deborah said...

Stephen Andrew - I didn't think anyone would know who that was!! Now I need to watch that movie. I love that movie.

Ms A - Well, I have to win at a few things. Not much going on winning here! Smooches woman and I'm thinking of you always.

tPretty - We have to survive yes?