Friday, January 3, 2014

Squat Till You Drop

Okay . . .

My friend tPretty, the Empress of Exercise, has made herself available to me for encouragement, snack-blocking, and health tips.

One of her tips is to get up from your desk from time to time and stretch, walk around, or do squats.

Yesterday I had made a mental note to get up and move about every half hour. Of course my day didn't quite go the way I wanted it to (imagine a bat in the house being chased by a crazed cat - yours truly hiding in the bathroom - that kind of day), but when I DID finally get to the office I hunkered down on a project.

I did get up and about more than normal, but then at one point realized I had been sitting working for over an hour or so.

I hopped up to do some squats.

Now, mind you, I have watched many a squat. The right way to do a squat. I've watched my sister-in-law get up from the floor holding a chunky baby without using her hands. Oh yes she did. Gah.

My thighs aren't that talented.

I go down.

I come up.

I go down.

I come up.

I go down.

I sorta come up.

I sorta go down.

I'm done.


Strength comes with practice.


Ray Denzel said...

a round of applause!

T said...

Practice makes perfect (asses).

Think "ass way far back" as you lower, weight in your heels, your ass (not your knees) supporting you as you raise back up.

It's all ass work, which in turn protects the vulnerable knees (i.e., improper form).

Hah! How many times can you say ass in five seconds?

Love those sassy ol' ladies!

Ms. A said...

I can still get up without using my hands, but the way I've been doing so much walking and squatting lately has made my legs SO DANG SORE. Plus, I've been getting major craps in them when I'm trying to sleep. Getting old bites!!!

deb-oh-rah said...

My legs haven't been able to lift my body off the floor for a long time.

Maybe add a bit of twerking to the squats -- that'll loosen up the muscles ;-)

T said...

Just read Ms. A's response.

I'm clogging up your blog here, Deborah, but wanted to offer a suggestion to her that by increasing her water intake and/or taking a potassium supp before bed will likely take care of those cramps. :)

(Couldn't help myself!)

Sara Louise said...

I haven't done a single squat in about a month now and I'm dreading getting back into it! It's so much easier when you do them everyday

Stephen Andrew said... thanks :)

Deborah said...

Ray Ray - thank you!

tPretty - you can never take over the blog without my blessing. Your tips are always the best!

deb - I tried twerking the other day and my back started swearing! lol

Sara Louise - New year yes?

Stephen Andrew - I know! I hate them.