Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'll Have a Beer Dear

We had a little getaway to Fort Myers, Florida. I had never been to Florida. That's kinda weird yes? We had a sweet little suite right on the beach with a bedroom door which was great for insomnia nights. I just shut the door and Pup could sleep and I could wander around to the deck, sit with the door open, read, and listen to the ocean. The best!

I don't know about other parts of Florida, but Fort Myers is eclectic, energetic, relaxed. My brother-in-law calls it a kinda bikerish crowd. I kinda found it alternative. For me meaning every kind of person. The people working there seemed the kind of people that had decided the rat race not worth competing in and they had found a haven serving beers or running hotels.

A life on the beach doesn't look so bad to me!

Sand like powdered sugar. Lots of walking. Lots of drinking!

And hanging with Pup's sister and her husband was fun! They are a golden couple - kinda like looking into the sun I always say. And motivational. You haven't lived until you've had your photo taken with a woman near your age that is wearing a size 2-4 bikini and looking like her 28 year-old daughter. Eye opening!

Meanwhile back in Minnesota this was going on:
Baby KD had his first stroller ride. His momma said this photo was taken while she said his name. He's sound asleep, but while hearing his momma's voice smiled this angelic smile. Oh I can hardly stop my heart from bursting looking at him.


Ray Denzel said...

we used to go there for the sunsets! You are about four hours away from me!

Ms. A said...

Did you have a margarita for me? It's been a long time since I've seen a beach and the thought sounds wonderful!

That baby is too cute!

T said...

Fort Myers is a great place. It's about 45 mins from Marco Island! What a great getaway for you guys.

Looking into the sun... I like that.

Adorable face! OMG.

Anonymous said...

Oh that face! What a fabulous looking child!!

Karen said...

Much of Florida is kinda how you describe Fort Myers!

what a precious, beautiful babe.

Sara Louise said...

An escape to Fort Myers sounds pretty good to me!

Deborah said...

Ray Ray - The sunsets were beautiful!

Ms A - No margarita, but lots of beer. Usually not my thing!

tPretty - I know! I pushed like heck to go to Marco Island, but husband really wanted to go with his sister. I bet where you go is even more beautiful.

Diane - isn't he the best?

Karen - If that's true, then I love all of Florida. Although I do read the news and it seems like the craziest things happen in Florida!

Sara Louise - it really was timely.