Saturday, February 1, 2014


Not my Jeep, but this made me laugh.
Again, by me and not a random (as my daughter used to call peripheral types) . . .

Picture Pup. Picture Pup out plowing with my Jeep Wrangler. Plowing snow.

Backstory - the plow used to be on our Liberty, but we bought a new SUV, a Honda Pilot, and the plow wouldn't fit so now it's on my Ruby. Imagine my whining and complaining. Oh yes, there you are.

The Wrangler is much lighter than the Liberty was so Pup is on a bit of a learning curve with this setup. So there he is, out plowing all our neighbors like he wants to do.

He pushes a large chunk to the side on the street. He gets stuck. He gets stuck in not much snow. He can't get out.

He comes in. Four letter words flying. Calling my beloved Ruby names! Heh!

I go out. Discover that Pup doesn't know anything about Wranglers. I quickly put it in low 4-wheel drive. (He's a BMW guy, that's okay he doesn't know about this crap.)

So, while we're out there. Trying to dig out Ruby. Trying to rock her out of the snowbank a Concerned Citizen pulls up.

"Oh! Aaaaahahaha! You have a Jeep with a plow and you're stuck??" He's laughing like a hyena.

"Really?" I say. "That's your helpful advice to me?" I slug at him with my voice. "WE'RE STUCK! Wranglers are light! They get stuck!"

He looks at me with new eyes. The kind of eyes that might be thinking, she may just be a tad cranky.

Oh ya think?

"So, do you have a phone?" he asks. This guy is helpful to the end.

I sigh. I say, "We live right here. Thanks for your concern."

Meanwhile, our friendly drug-dealing neighbors come out on their front step for a smoke (seriously, they have been raided by our bumbling police with battering rams - it was biz as usual a few hours later). They observe the fray. Not to lend their Jack Sprat-type bodies (one a chubby and one very thin) to helping or pushing.

Pup pushes again. I rock it successfully out of the snow bank.

Oh yes, I might be getting a little crabby! lolol

People are so nice. :/

I reach up to my head to feel for horns. I am feeling devilish and I am thinking I should take pity on anyone in my line of sight. Or not.

How you doin'?


Anonymous said...

Doing fine! Hubby plows with a John Deere. He's had it stuck before too and come in the house to get me to dress up in all my fine looking snow duds and help him rock it out. Bleh. Sorry the guy gave you a hard time. What a NOT very nice guy he was.

T said...

I'm doin GREAT now that I've read your blog and laughed out loud -- medicine for my sorry ass.

Can't help laughing at your otherwise (bleeping) predicament. You guys are so funny!

Poor Ruby.

Stephen Andrew said...

Hahaha! At least your drug dealing neighbors are friendly folk. What do they give out at trick or treat? Pot cookies at Christmas? Yikes. I don't do snow driving. I, too, am a BMW guy and HA they are not made for snow. The other day I actually voluntarily slid/drove off the road because my car didn't care to stop and I didn't care to rear end a purple Pontiac Aztec.

Ms. A said...

I'm so glad this is you and not me! Sorry for saying that, but I just don't think I could take it. I can't imagine having to try to get to the hospital in that kind of mess. People around here don't know how to deal with it. Heck, they have a hard enough time when it rains!