Monday, September 23, 2013

Must Be Fall

  • Wild turkeys meeting me at the office door every day (yes, I live in the city) - check!
  • Cat crouched and pawing under cupboards hunting for what I dare not think about - check!
  • All of my petunias looking a little leggy and sad - check!
  • The deck looking bereft and neglected - check!
  • The soft top up on my Wrangler. Maybe ready to put on hardtop - check!
  • The sky and afternoon sun so gorgeous - check!
  • Magazines the size of the old Sears catalog waiting for me to reread - check!
  • Craving and just-about-ready-to-buy Wellies - check!
  • On hands and knees finding shoes in my closet - check!
  • Cute feetsies protesting when I still put on my Havaianas - check!
  • New kitty Oliver getting ready to lose his nutletts - check!
The last one has nothing to do with fall, but our spring-born kitty is having his snipping today. He's all happy right now running around the house like he still has testicles. Because he still does have testicles.

Kiss them goodbye Oliver. Lick them one last time. Because you can.

Guess what! He's doing it!


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA..ooops, I mean, pooor Oliver. Poor poor Oliver. Yes, kiss them goodbye dear boy.

Ms. A said...

Hahahaha! Thanks for the chuckle, I needed it! I'm sure there are guys out there that are envious of the pre-snipped Oliver and all that flexibility. Good luck, Oliver! Get those last licks in!

deb-oh-rah said...

Pooooor Oliver. You may have to sleep on the floor with him, like I did when my baby cat came home.

Fall -- swarms of wasps -- CHECK.

T said...

Funny! Wonder if he knows he's being poked fun at?

It's what I wish we could do to the endless stream of worthless, ambitionless, wedlock-less parents who frequent our courtrooms.

BTW, what's a wellie?