Monday, September 9, 2013

Even Marilyn Did It

Avoided empty carbs that is!
I think that's sauerkraut on that dog isn't it?

This woman was light-years ahead of all of us. She did strength training y'all!
I am digging her workout outfit.

I had a girl day yesterday. Met a couple of friends in a town far away for a little digging and drinkin' and talkin'. Super fun. And I scored a couple of things that made one of my friends look at me with a face that said, "I thought I knew you."

I always have a vision. You just might not like it. Ha!
Yes, that is another skull (have I shown the other one I have? Or the 8-point buck antlers I have from a car-kill I was involved in years ago? I forget. I'll share soon.

And yes, that's another paint-by-number gem. There's a mid-century magazine rack out in the garage as well. I am thinking it will look good in my new office - maybe? I'm still thinking about that one. I'll post shots of the office (still pondering a name for our office - nothing is coming just yet) when it's more towards completion. Still waiting for a few key pieces like filing laterals. Ha!

Smooches to you my friends and let's eat and move à la Marilyn!


T said...

We have a European mount deer skull too. I hung it in the guys' bathroom -- of course I did! It was one Gavin shot and they had it mounted. I think they're actually pretty cool-lookin' like that.

The paint by number? Huh?

A la Marilyn. I like it! Love that first shot -- looks somewhat naughty. Haha

Anonymous said...

Cool, I love seeing what other folks do to decorate their office!

David Macaulay said...

as yes I guess you do have summers up there so don't literally freeze your tits off all year round. Seriously I have never seen anyone looking like that working out down my Y am rather saddened to say...

Ms. A said...

I'm sure Pup will appreciate some of the less girly things adorning the office!

Karen said...

... oh, how I love a good kraut dawg.

I would not have figured you for an antler skull girl.

Sara Louise said...

I have never seen either of those photos of Marilyn, love them both! :)

Deborah said...

tPretty - I know, the paint by numbers are kinda weird but they fascinate me! So weird.

DCH - one of these days I'll be done. There is so much going on.

David - no Joan's (Mad Men) about? Sad!

Ms A - luckily we don't have to share actual space!

Karen - I love the skulls!

Sara Louise - I love bumping into new shots of Marilyn.

Marla said...

We like so many of the same things. The wooden bowl? Have it! Paint by numbers? Yep! Dead animals? Gave em to my bro-in-law. I draw the line at dead animals. Sheesh!