Friday, September 6, 2013

Hot Men Friday

Aaron Paul

Are any of you Breaking Bad fans? The final few episodes are coming up and I, frankly, am riveted every Sunday night.

Pup and I have been watching this since the beginning and I'd love to banter back and forth about how this show is a microcosm of life as we might know it and understand it, but I don't have the brain-power. Heh! If you DO watch it you get what I am trying to say - and that's what I love about all of you peeps that read me - you just might get me. In my mind you get me. Not many do. Least of all me!

This is Jesse Pinkman. A character from Breaking Bad. An anti-hero. A very unlikely one at that. His character development has been astounding. The writers on this show have imaginations so dark and true it scares me.

I loves me some Jesse Pinkman. In gif format y'all! I am a bit obsessed with gifs at the moment. Forgiveness might be needed.

. . . and like the advice Mr. White is receiving, you can either run from things or you can face them. Jesse style!

It's nearly fall everyone! Not that I'm ever sorry to see summer go, but I always do love fall. Beginnings! Pup and I have started something, finally, and I now work for him. Again, I have a boss that wants to spank me on the daily. I am HR so I'm in a quandary! Hehehe. It's okay, his spankings are more like love taps. Oh wait! They are love taps. Smooches to my Pup, new biz owner.

I need a pseudonym for our biz . . . hmm . . . I'll have to think on this a minute.

Get out there and break some bad of your own!


Ray Denzel said...

interesting job description! lol

Anonymous said...

I am my husband's sexetary... or receptionist if you will. LOL What kind of business are you and Pup up to in this new beginning??

Ms. A said...

Nepotism at it's finest! And hey, if he fires you, he's got to live with you. That's gotta make for some kind of job security. Congratulations on the new business. That MUST be exciting... and you get to sleep with the boss.

T said...

Breaking Bad. I've heard it mentioned. Don't watch much TV, so I can't comment.

Sleeping with the boss indeed! Congrats on that new enterprise. Fresh and exciting.

Deborah said...

We own a small CPA firm. So far so good!

My official title is Marketing/Admin. We didn't add ass-smacking receiver. Ha!