Friday, September 13, 2013

Hot Friday - The Firm Edition

. . . just because. I do love showcasing hot guys, but women are hot too yes? And other things are hot. Shoes are hot. Fall fashion is hot. Yep. There is a lot of hot around. We shouldn't be so stingy!

I've been at The Firm (let's try this name out for a while) for a couple of weeks now. We're heavily into transitioning files and reorganizing. My office is coming together bit by bit. Right now we're moving out ugly vertical filing cabinets and replacing them with lovely lateral filing cabinets. New ones arrived yesterday and we installed them into Pup's office and they are BREATHTAKING. Yup. Who knew this stuff could give me design-boners? Hmmm? Everything is a design opportunity apparently.

We will be moving the laterals we have in our home office into my Firm office over the weekend. So my time has been spent transitioning the client files we bought into the filing system and folder system we prefer. Pup is biz as usual and transitioning all of his client files into the software The Firm will be using. Very dry stuff. But necessary.

So everything looks a hot hot mess at this moment. You know how transitions are. At first everything is flying through the air until it all lands in place perfectly. Like Samantha Stevens' witchcraft. Oh I love that woman.
I have one shot of the office. Don't judge just yet. This is just the first piece. I'll take some better photos when I'm further along.
It will be lovely.

See that globe in the bookcase? I found that thrifting with Deb-oh-rah. It lights up. Touch the base 1-2-3 and it the brightness goes dim-medium-bright. I love it! So tacky.

Offices are tricky to arrange. I redesigned Pup's office last year with new furniture and I made him rearrange. He kicked and screamed, but had to admit in the end it was a good change. Much more efficient set up now. And his office furniture is lovely! He's a professional and his office should look that way. The next step in his transformation will be his style! Heh! He likes me to style his daily look. So we're going shopping for him soonly.

My office fashion has so far been cuffed jeans with t-shirts or the occasional casual long summer skirt. Mostly because some of the time I'm on my hands and knees rummaging through a box or running back and forth between our offices with armloads of hard files. It's fun though.

I've been listening to music through Spotify (smooches to Lorenzo) and one day it was all John Legend and one day it was all Amy Winehouse. Love love love.

Here's a little tribute to working in an office. It's all about distraction.

Amy Amy Amy

Attracts me, till it hurts to concentrate,
Distract me, stop me doing work I hate
Just to show him how it feels;
I walk past his desk in heels
One leg resting on the chair
From the side he pulls my hair.

Amy Amy Amy
Although I've been here before
Amy Amy Amy
He's just too hard to ignore
Masculine you spin a spell
I think you'd wear me well
Amy Amy Amy
Where's my moral parallel?

It takes me half an hour to write a verse
He makes me imagine it from bad to worse
My weakness for the other sex
Every time his shoulders flex
The way the shirt hangs off his back
My train of thought spins right off track


His own style, right down to his Diesel jeans
Immobile, I can't think by any means
Underwear peeks out the top
I'll let you know when you should stop
From the picture my mind drew
I know I'd look good on you


Creative energy abused
All my lyrics go unused
When I clock black hair blue eyes
I drift off I fantasize

[Chorus x2]

And one more just because. I know y'all won't, but you guys should take a few minutes and watch this one. Fantastic song and if you were/are an Amy fan, very very touching. Kick it up this weekend hooches.


Ray Denzel said...

From the picture my mind drew
I know I'd look good on you.

That reminds me I need to file my latest drawings!

Anonymous said...

Still love Amy Winehouse and listen to both of these songs often. Such a loss to the music world...

Ms. A said...

So, you are calling it the Firm? Much better than the flaccid!

deb-oh-rah said...

Yeah, I saw the globe, wondered if you'd grab it -- but cuz it lights up, of course, had to have it.

"The Firm" -- hopefully not as dramatic as the movie. ;-)

T said...

"... The Firm...much better than flaccid!"


I like it. The Firm. That's a good no-frills, solid name.

I'd like to rearrange my office. But it's a CLOSET. I'm rather limited. It's good that you can give YOURS the personal touch all your own.

Hey...and give that man some style to go with that new office.

David Macaulay said...

The Firm makes me think of the Tom Cruise Mafia law firm movie - Amy clearly inhabited a rather more racy office than me. Tho come to think of it she probably lived it up a bit too much.

Deborah said...

Ray Ray - I wish I knew what that meant!

DCH - I know. I loved her music (still do) so much.

Ms A - The Firm is sticking I do think.

deb - sometimes as dramatic. :)

tPretty - Ms A is hilarious yes?

David - I bet that movie was in the back of my head. Where everything is apparently. :)

Marla said...

Poor Amy........

I have a room full of old globes. Don't ask.