Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring! Yes!

I am trying to forget that yes, it is snowing in my world today. Yes, I live in Minnesota, and yes, it does snow on occasion in Minnesota in April. I can deal. I know it won't last forever.

But in the meanwhile, I am cheering myself up today by shopping in my head. Care to follow along?

Firstly, I LOVE this. I don't know how, but I've been doing this for a season or two. I have found shorter chain necklaces while out thrifting and I wrap them around my wrist for a layered-chain look. Fabulous Dahling - to quote the verbose Mariah Carey (yes I'm still watching American Idol). This is an easy and beautiful accessory. I'm rocking it!

If I were tiny, effortlessly elegant, and wore Louboutins, this is how I would look. I will be doing my own version. Wowza on that bag. Check out Wendy's Lookbook for more.
 Spring coat fever. Love Zara. I am loving the jeans and heels. It's good!
If I ever got to have a do-over I would come back as this girl. I want to cut my hair and rock this. In my mind this will be my summer uniform. Maybe not quite so much sideboob hmm? Check out Karla's Kloset.
Summer hair c/o Ivanka Trump. We can all do this one yes? I kinda love her in spite of her dad. Or maybe because of her dad!
 Jean jackets are forever. Don't you love that frankly? Check out What I Wore.
 I have never had a classic beige trench. I have a white one. This may be my year to succumb. Lovely.

 Yes, these are back. What the hell are we calling them this time? I do love this look though.


R. Jacob said...

style to me consists of many things, but it is a very individual thing. When done well, the mouth is left agape...

T said...

Agreed, RJ

I have so many things to say about this post.

1 - Love your new header. IT POPS SO PRETTY!

2 - I liked the 2nd photo so much I saved it.

3 - Eau Yeah to that shorter, tousled -do. Soft & sexy.

4 - Yes to the layered-wrist thing - been workin' that one for a while now. Very cool.

5 - And most importantly: YOU HAVE AN IMPECCABLE SENSE OF STYLE.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much in love with the chunky bracelet look and yet I have not purchased any... wonder why that is. I generally get in on new looks just as they go out of style. But the chunky is a good look!

Karen said...

LOVE your blog look!

LOVE the chunky bracelets!! I'm into the leather and metal studded wrap things right now.

OOOH DO THAT HAIRSTYLE!!! I'm thinking the very same thing!!... very sexy.

Love the jean jackets, always have, but never liked the "Feel" of them on me. I've had a few.

David Macaulay said...

is spring allowed in Minnesota? Has an interesting effect in turning residents into fashion bloggers :)

Deborah said...

RayJ - So guys do notice fashion? I like hearing that because sometimes it does seem like we're dressing for other women.

tPretty - well, you are the sweetest thing. I have seen how you can rock jewelry. You have a great flair for all of this.

DCH - I figure the chunky kinda balances with the chubby, speaking for myself that is. :)

Karen - Oh yes, that leather with studs is such a hot hot look! I love it.

David - I don't think spring is allowed. There seems to have been an exodus or a neverdus. That made no sense except in my brain.

Sara Louise said...

The first two are that type or perfection that always alludes me, but I'll continue to try :)
And I love that short curly bob towards the end... it's got me thinking of making a change...