Monday, April 1, 2013

Personal Style Inspiration


Levis jeans, motorcycle jacket, gray scarf, Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. I'd wear this today, right this minute. In fact I just might!

The reason for this random thought? I found this photo in a long-lost archive folder buried on my computer. One of those future-reference-folders that seem to become clutter. The photo is four years old. Proves how some things are perfect always.

Personal style is fascinating to me. Everyone has it. One of my daughters is a tad boho in her look. She tends towards flowy, longer tops with leggings or skinny jeans accented with a big ring and signature scarf.

My other daughter loves tailored blazers, dress pants in the Editor style, heels that you can Walk Like an Egyptian in; her casual style is nerdy and adorable t-shirts (some stolen from me from my long ago 20s) and flared-type or skinny jeans accented with her iPhone and sneakers.

I have one friend that lives more small-town and wears black jeans and some version of either a turtleneck or button up shirt. Keys snapped onto her belt loop.

Another wears lots of good jewelry, neutral colors, long sweaters and layers.

Yet one more is very classic. Fitted shirts, black slacks, a signature red leather jacket.

You can find me lately in gray or black, skinny jeans, boots, and carrying a very good handbag. A good handbag is my thing. Yes, I mean V E R Y  G O O D. I am a handbag bitch. Ha!

All lovely choices. I'd recognize all of them anywhere in a crowd, long before I saw their faces.

How do we develop our style? Is it our size? Our age? What is comfortable? What is affordable? What is on trend?

Or is it more a zone we've fallen into? A place we fear to pop out of? Or are we the one that pops? The one that others watch?

My favorite blogs around blogtown are fashion, daily outfit blogs. I enjoy watching how women put together outfits. When I worked downtown I would occasionally sit in the skyway, drinking coffee at one of the coffee shops, and watch the outfits. Jot down color combos I found interesting, jot down choices I found fascinating, jot down a handbag to check out.

Spring is nearly here in the northland where I live. I smelled it a day or so ago. The snow is receding at a nice pace (faster please). Even though I'm still wearing my boots out and about (6 degree windchill this morning - holy hell), I've seen some moccasins and flats dodging puddles and snowbanks.

What are we going to be wearing?


Anonymous said...

I find fashion intriguing as well and usually end up wearing the same look or a version of that look every day. I follow a few fashion blogs. Some are right on in their fashion sense and others, well, to be honest, I laugh out loud at them. It's just an outward expression of how loose or uptight we are on the inside is my take on it. I like a good handbag too!

T said...

I don't subscribe to fashion blogs I only subscribe to one quasi-fashion blog, and I adore it. If I found more that I liked, I'd subscribe, but I guess I'm too "uptight on the inside" to be open-minded about those I've seen as a whole.

Love YOUR style.

And I love the charcoal gray layers on that woman in your post -- all of it. It's timeless, gorgeous, perfect.

Charcoal, black, & neutrals. Basically what dictates my personal style.

Ms. A said...

I could not pull off that look. Any time I try to, even remotely, dress different, I just look more stupid than I normally do.

R. Jacob said...

I love that look. Very European, sophisticated. Every piece has a purpose. I would love to see what you would come up with.

Deborah said...

DCH - I enjoy looking at even the ones that might make me laugh, because I truly admire their courage! I remember years and years ago the first time I saw Debbie Harry. Her style was crazy! From her blonde hair on the top part of her head to the black hair on the bottom. She was wearing a long skirt that she had poked a hole for her arm and had the rest of it across her breasts. Sigh - loved all of it. Courage!

T - You have a fantastic personal style. And courage.

Ms A - don't sell yourself short woman! I'm thinking you can rock it when you need to.

RJ - fashion with purpose - I really like that.